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Thread: Lycanthropy and Vampirism

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    Default Lycanthropy and Vampirism

    Hey guys.So I've heard about people rping werewolves and vampires.Is it legit?Also what if one of the souls that makes up an ascended person was a Lycanthrope? And do werewolves and vampires have the same weaknesses in game?And my last question is if an ascended did have a lycanthrope or vampire soul or was even one themselves would it be okay to have some of those personality traits as long as it wasn't gmodding? Sorry if these questions are stupid.I was just curious.Thank you.
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    My take on it, seen from a roleplay perspective:

    Werewolves and Vampires are native beings to the plane of Death. Vampires especially doesn't act like normal vampires would - They can infect other people and they do get strength from blood (there's a questline where you poison some blood and offer it to a vampire in Stillmoor) but as far as we can tell the victims turn into pale people, and the common side-effect of being mindless is present both with the vampires and pale people. To such an extend that if they are not so mindless they end up as being righer ranked within the Endless Court, and you come upon them in dungeons and suchlikes. As far as I can tell, there's no way you can RP a vampire that is also friendly towards people in general.

    Werewolves were a common problem in Gloamwood, and I say were because we need to all remember that the events with the Hag has already happened, and her curse has been lifted. The werewolves we encounter just about anywhere again seem to have a common trait of being feral, and for those we can see shapeshifting, they seem to belong to The Aelfwar (And there's not many of them). The best way I'd say anyone could roleplay with lycantrophy is if they chose to be a recovering person from the Hag's curse - so they were, for a while, a werewolf and now their curse has been removed entirely. Some aftermath to come from this would probably consist in adjusting to normal life again, I'd imagine they'd have grown used to eating raw meat and such - and adjusting to the emotional trauma, if they for example can remember the times they've attacked and eaten a local gloamwood inhabitant.

    I would stay away from playing with souls on this field, we can't actually be sure these beings have any souls at all - And if they do, I'd consider it very unlikely that an ascended would ascend with something of the likes.

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    The short answer here is really No.

    If you didn't do the quests in Stillmoor, werewolves are almost completely feral (the only ones that aren't consumed by the beast are fairly-high-ranking plot NPCs, like the guy you kill in the quest story or the werewolf bosses in RoS&GSB).
    In comparison with "normal" werewolf lore (transform at full moon, etc), Rift's werewolves seem to not hold to this. The generic werewolf NPCs are always in wolf-man-form. The werewolf boss in DD transforms on touching any moonlight. The raid boss werewolves transform at will. There's one rift where moonlight actually soothes the werewolves in it, instead of enraging them.
    So playing one as a character? Probably less than kosher. Either you're going to be consumed by the beast all the time, or you're a really big bad guy.

    Vampires likewise star in the Stillmoor quests. Like Talila said, they tend to make thralls instead of more vampires.
    They seem to follow "normal Dracula-vampire" lore. They drink blood for nourishment, we never actually see them in the sun (though that could be coincidence). They do die through normal means (unlike Dracula vampires).
    As far as trying to be a vampire PC, I strongly recommend against it. Almost all of them (if not straight up all) are part of the Endless Court, and would be far more likely to entrall you than turn you if you're not also devoted to the Plane of Death/Regulos.

    I won't say "You can't do that!" - because obviously you can. But be mindful of what other RPers around you will think when you pop out with "I'm a vampire!". I have friends RPing both werewolves and vampires within Rift, and I have other friends that straight up avoid RPing with those friends because their stories aren't kosher. The Rift lore does allow for a lot of flexibility, but remember that in any game if your RP gets too "out there" people will avoid playing with you.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Talila View Post
    The best way I'd say anyone could roleplay with lycantrophy is if they chose to be a recovering person from the Hag's curse - so they were, for a while, a werewolf and now their curse has been removed entirely.
    I am this person! Or at least my character is.

    I have to say he's been the most challenging roleplay character I've run in RIFT as I've worked to keep him within lore.

    Issues with paranoia, self confidence, emotional outbursts and night terrors have been themes with him as well as is his utter fear of telling anyone for fear of what they would do to him.

    There has also been the added layer of being non ascended. He's been kept out of the way of some people as if they attacked him he wouldn't stand five minutes. There's also the vunrability to the planes which has led to other plot directions for him.

    So by all means have werewolves in your background. It is great fun but that is where they have to stay.. the background and not in your current plot if you really wish to keep within lore.
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