Fellow Telarin's, By the grace of Sedition, Ludus D'Adrinne invites you to join us in our weekly Primus! As the sun rises and bell chimes seven on this Wednesday evening we shall test the might of this world's Titans!

Come and fight upon the sands of glory to be made a champion and god among men, or simply watch and enjoy as brave combatants spill blood and life for your entertainment! All are welcome as victory is never assured no matter the advantage one holds. Fight for sport and glory! Spectate for the thrill of chearing on your champion and meet new people!

(Rivvka's dimension. Wednesdays. 7 server. An rp event for Faeblight.

If you would like to add your name to the duel list, send an ingame letter to Aamadeo, or sign up at the event. Double elimination. After the champion is declared, anyone who wants a chance to duel them will be able to for fun.

This dimension also inlcudes a stage, hot tub, slide and diving board, and lounge. There are a lot of rp opportunities for this night!)