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Thread: Kelari race basics

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    Default Kelari race basics

    I'm trying to put together a character sheet for my Kelari, and I'm not sure about a couple of things:

    1) How tall are Kelari, on average?

    2) How long do Kelari live?

    I seem to remember that the divergence in appearance between the elven races happened after the Kelari went to the Isles; is this correct?

    Thanks, and thank y'all over here for being so patient with endless questions from a new Rift RP-er.

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    The Kelari turned purple due to the pacts with the spirits on Ember isle, so yes that is correct.
    Elves and Kelari both have an average lifespan of 300 years: http://riftrp.net/index.php?topic=1348.0
    And if we assume a human male is 1.80 on average, I'd say Kelari could be as short as that and stretching into about 2.10 meters or so - but afaik we don't have any official sources on it. I'd recommend using other ways to describe is, such as "For a Kelari, she wasn't really that tall, leaving others towering over her at most occasions" - or so.

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