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Thread: Question about Mathosian Clerics

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    Default Question about Mathosian Clerics

    I don't know much about Rift's lore, but I am hoping to get into it. To start, I know that it makes sense to be a high elf cleric; however, where would a mathosian cleric stand? Does is make sense lore-wise?

    I personally like how mathosians look the best.

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    Historically yes, it would work. There are many more famous Elves and Kelari as Clerics, but there is some evidence of Mathosian's as Clerics too.

    From the Inquisitor section of the souls page.

    Inquisitors have predictably been in the center of many violent and painful historical events across Telara. From the Mathosian purge of Eth Schematics to the cleansing of the Hammerknell survivors, the Inquisitors have always done what was necessary to protect the lands from corruption, even if their hands get a little dirty in the process. For an Inquisitor serving the greater good, the end always justifies the means.
    From the Shaman section of the souls page.

    Ekkehard was a bear of a man, even after age turned his beard white and fine as snowdrifts. He was the last of the Valnir clan to fall when the Storm Legion swept through Iron Pine Peak. ...... (cut for space)

    Despite his blindness, Ekkehard spent the long death-march preaching faith in Thedeor, god of storms and justice. One night, the commander dragged Ekkehard out of line for rousing the tribesmen to a particularly passionate fervor. Stripped of all but a few loose furs and beaten savagely, the once-unstoppable northerner found himself left for dead in the snow.
    This doesn't mention mathosian directly, but the worship of Thedeor is a Mathosian tradition. It can, of course, be many other races tradition also, but it's a clue none the less.

    Apart from this though, you can look at your trainer in Sanctum - I'm pretty sure they are mathosian. If not, there is a mathosian standing near by (I can't remember). It isn't unusual for mathosian to be a cleric. Far more reasonable then an Eth - lore wise.

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    Correct me if I'm wrong, but a "bear of a man" would indicate he was a Mathosian. He was not a "Satyr of an Elf" or a "Ram of a Dwarf", but a "bear of a man".

    My assumption was always that Mathosian was the Telaran for equivalent for "the race of men".
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