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Thread: Looking for RP partner..

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    Default Looking for RP partner..

    I've recently had a falling out with one of my more recent RP partners who turned out to be a cheating jerkface (read: every bad word you can think of) - and now I am in the market for another!

    As the title says, I'd like to find someone to be my new RP partner. Defiant or Guardian, it doesn't matter, but I play a Kelari female. I am usually always around, so RP members of varying times are much appreciated; you can spend a lot of time with me or a little! Doesn't matter.

    A few notes..
    • Anyone can ask me about this! I prefer males, but will also take females. Dwarf males need not apply.
    • I list myself as Mature on Merisioux. Romance welcome, no random ERP.
    • I talk a lot OOCly, so I'm looking for a friend too. If this bothers you, I can not talk OOCly but I am a chatterbug by nature.
    • I run a guild - so you can also RP with the members of my guild if you'd like! We also do raiding, so if you want to join us on that, you're more than welcome.

    If you're interested, PM me in-game and maybe we can work something out.

    - Amixevot/Zaina (Faeblight)

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    Faeblight eh? Hmm....my characters are all Kelari females (I adore the Kelari's color variations more than any other race) but if your interested, I do have a few available who could become your companion! I play often, whenever I get a chance. But mostly it's later, after work.

    My Telaran Lore and History Blog, with a side of RP storytelling!=http://ascendedtales.blogspot.ca/201...beginning.html

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    If you're ever looking for some IC friends, I've got Katosu (50 High Elf Rogue) and Drakosu (Eth, low level, Warrior.) I'll be working on Origin stories later to be posted. .-.

    I usually travel around with my friend when it comes to popping on, but I'm gonna try to RP drakosu as I level him (It's always odd to me to pop into the world at max-level)

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    My character is currently looking for a female partner, but I do not know if it's a little extreme for you.

    I posted on the main RP forums section, it's titled 18+, feel free to get in touch with me, Eldesan from Argent server.

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    I'm always looking for more people to RP with. Find me in game!
    Okuni - Defiant

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