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Thread: How is the faction merger going?

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    Default How is the faction merger going?

    I am just curious. Are you wonderful RP'rs enjoying it making new friends and developing cool role plays?

    If so, and you dont mind taking the time I would like to read some little snippets of what you all have created.

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    I've yet to see any remarkable difference, sadly. My guild, which was Defiant, now contains a few little Guardians. And yes we play on a RP realm, but the Guardians don't really integrate themselves with us. I guess it's hard, what with the distance. And if we weren't so far apart, we still FEEL distant, if you know what I mean? It seems easier to just group/guild with your own faction than to have to put in the extra effort of integrating into the opposite faction's guild. Especially an already established guild that surrounded only their own faction up until that time.

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    I still refer to the Defiants as heretics or apostates on my Guardians, and my Defiants still call the Guardians zealots. No real difference for me, apart from the increased opportunity to interact.

    Old habits die hard. Old rivalries die harder. Bloodshed isn't forgotten or forgiven overnight.

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