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Thread: LF leveling/questing RP partner

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    Default LF leveling/questing RP partner

    Just getting back into the game and looking for something to help bring me in. I have a good friend that used to level and RP with me, but she's in the military now and doesn't have the time.

    As the title says, looking for a potential leveling RP partner Guardian or Defiant side on Faeblight. Mainly just looking for casual interaction. I keep all of my heavy plot stuff in forums. I also plan to develop the character as I go, but I usually at least know what direction I want to take them in. Because of the casualty of this RP, my character wont be ascended, probably just some adventurer. We can talk about this prior to any agreement.

    This isn't meant to be the most fun thing in the world. It's a more relaxing approach to RP, and more enjoyable than questing alone or grinding IAs and dungeons. (Not to say IAs and Dungeons aren't fun.)

    -Male characters. I play mostly females with a few bi/gay males.
    -No romance to light romance. Not looking for ERP.
    -Late afternoon to late night. (I'm in the central -6GMT timezone.)
    -I will make you all of the pie if you're a male Bhami. ALL OF THE PIE.

    OOC Notes:
    -I like playing Clerics and Rogues the most. I prefer tanking or healing on cleric, and I'll support or DPS on rogue.
    -I don't care if you outlevel me so long as you're willing to mentor down.
    -The character I make will be an alt, so I wont be on her/him all of the time. Unless you want to mentor, it might be best if you make an alt as well. If you get an itch to play with me when I'm not on, however, I'll give you a few ways to contact me.
    -Please, keep in mind that college starts back up for me soon.

    Actually, the school thing reminds me-- I might be able to get on between classes, from 11AM to 2PM central, Tues through Thurs, if someone wanted to do it earlier in the day, but on select days. I can be on at 11 Monday, too, but only for about an hour.

    Feel free to PM me and ask questions or just talk. I don't bite.

    Main Character: Warden/Sentinel ~ Cleric
    Guild: N/A | Faction: Defiants | Server: Harrow (US RP-PVP)

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    Hello I figured I'd reply cause I too am looking for a partner to actually teach me in the ways of rp. I have several toons on pvp server but wanted to try my hand at rping. I'm willing to roll whatever you want but I'm more used to guardian side (although being new to rp might be better to try a defiant). I work at night but can play Wednesdays and Saturday nights, or I can play in the mornings. I'm more used to clerics and rogues but can play warrior too. Don't care for mages. I wanted to roll a dwarf on guardian side, but will roll anything on defiant. I've been trying to read up on lore for def to famaliarize myself. Thanks for your time and hopefully I'm the partner your looking for!

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