We need your help!!!!!

Hello Community,
Hello every Role-Player!

I am a member of the German roleplay-shard Akala.
Today Trion posted in our German Forum, that they want to close the only existing German and European RP-Shard Akala!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Our community is very sad about that - because in the last weeks, there were more and more people coming back on our server. We have new Defiants-Raids, good Guardian-Raids, RP-Events, everything is growing here, people come back because of the nice chat-tone in the 50.-channel.

We have a great community there, everybody knows everybody, the tone is very specific and nice, even the different Fractions come together and talk to each other, sometimes, we have events with each other - done today, when we heard the news (we held a conference in Whitefall-Taverne - Defiants an Guardians) what to do.

We are all a little bit desperate, so I beg all of you - from RP-Player to RP-Player:

So I invite you:
when you are able:
Please join us on Akala tonight (8.p.m. GERMAN TIME) on the little Island before Freemarsh or Silverwood (don't know the name in English)! We wan't to make a Photo with as much Charakters as possible and want to post it in the Forum. Also - we want to send tickets to the GMS with the Petition:
Don't close the only German RP-Server Akala. This done at 8. pm too

And please assist us here:
This is the German Thread!
Please post there too!!!!!

We all would be very gratefull for every single player, that helps us!!!!!