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Thread: Pls give us macro command to equip different wardrobes

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    Default Pls give us macro command to equip different wardrobes

    What title says. I'd really like to use heavy armor look while tanking and more light armor looks on dps/pvp. I already have 6 macros /role 1 /loadequip 1 -style, so adding there /loadwardrobe 1 would be very convinient way to have different look in different roles. Without ability to automatically change gear, one just get stuck to single boring look. Small change but would really give some use for wardrobe slots.
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    Hmm.. for wardrobes that would actually be quite useful. I mean it's already relatively simple from the wardrobe window, but a macro would be a good quality of life improvement.
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    Uh... You do know you can buy more wardrobe slots too? I have two at present, and it's literally a case of *click mouse button*, and then ooh, no, I changed my mind *click mouse button again*.

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    I am also looking for this feature. I would like to have more visibility in my different specs. As a raiding cleric I change specs non stop in a raid and would like to not have to open my wardrobe slot every time. It also gives me an added piece of mind knowing I am running in as the right spec when I see my toon garbing in my DPS attire and know I didn't forget to go from inquisicar to inquisitor.

    It doesn't seem like this would be too hard to make happen but then again I am not a game designer.

    All in all, I enjoy my game fluff and would like to streamline it's utilization.

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    Default short walk through

    press C

    click wardrobe tab

    buy wardrobe slots

    equip wardrobe

    drag the icon you use to swap wardrobes to your hotbar

    voila wardrobe macros.

    you're welcome =)

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    Adding the draggables to the action bars isn't an acceptable answer imo. We have enough stuff to have in action bars as is. Being able to macro up something like:

    Healer Macro
    loadequip 1
    role 1
    wardrobe 1

    shouldn't be too hard to do. This would allow people to be able to change specs, gear and wardrobe all in 1 macro slot. Putting it in this format can also help people identify if they are in their correct gear if set up prior properly. Am I in my healing gear? Yup, cause I am naked except for my boots are on.
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    In all honesty, with the amount of stuff people cram into macros, and the enormous amount of actionbar space available, dragging the wardrobe icons to the action bars is perfectly fine. No additional features related to wardrobe need be made available.
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