Roleplay is a community activity, whether it's a simple social interaction taking place in a tavern or a grand storyline that crosses the continent with its many twist and turns. This is why we choose to roleplay in this type of medium, rather than having solo monologues in Skyrim. Rift lends itself to playing both the fantastical and the mundane varieties of characters, where phenomenal cosmic power can be pretty common place. Need rain? A warden can summon a storm. Need fire? A pyromancer can clear a swathe of forest with a fireball. If you need an assassin, simply hire one who can turn invisible and creep up on its mark unseen. It can be relatively easy to get lost in how powerful our characters are and forget the art of the combined narrative.

When participating in roleplay, especially a storyline, try asking yourself if there is a way you can include someone else in the story. If a fireball spell is needed, don't just snap your pyromancer fingers and turn sand into glass. Instead, ask others to collect fire elemental hearts, and hire a guard to watch over you while you prepare for this mind-boggling spell of fiery awesomeness. If a potion is needed, don't be the sort who carries an entire pharmacy in their satchel. Instead, gather the herbs and puzzle out the formula with that shy scholarly character who doesn't get involved much.

Most want to play the hero, but if you are finding yourself solo-solving every single roleplay problem brought your way, try to take a step back and see if you can include more people in the solution. Pulling the Super Rare Pearl from the Lake Solace Monster out of your pack, right when someone mentioned needing it, doesn't add to other people's enjoyment or participation in the storyline. Instead, this type of 'road blocking' ends a storyline or mini-plot before it can even begin. Ask yourself, "How can I add to the storyline?" rather than, "How can I solve the plot?" or, "How can I win the moment?". If you had, a group would have gotten together and headed off to the lake, where Mary Anne would have drowned and Steven would have made a deal with a water spirit to bring her back to life in exchange for a future boon, which would have opened the door to another storyline. More people. More roleplay. Better.

Ultimately, the more threads in the tapestry, the more vibrant it becomes. Working together to build a beautiful tapestry of words, storylines, backstories, and people should be far more rewarding than donning your robe and wizard hat and taking care of the problem yourself.