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Thread: When activity drops, what can we do?

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    Default When activity drops, what can we do?

    Heya guys.

    First off, this is not so much me answering the above question, but more me seeking some kind of answer to that question.
    I'm pretty sure a fair few of you guys have noticed what happens during the notorious summer-period, specifically if some of you have been on lower populated roleplay realms.
    Basically, everything either nearly or completely stops.

    I've seen two of these inactivity bumps happen thus far on Argent, and each time I am left twisting my brain and going: What could I do to at least keep a little life now and then?
    Right now we're ever so softly exiting somewhat of a winter slumber.

    Small events, perhaps a specific rp night or so, but even so that might be very difficult to accomplish in those times.
    So I wanted to know if there's anything you guys have noticed that could help the situation, or perhaps you could tell about what could be done to make RP attractive in a period of time where you don't have so much time to roleplay.

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    Try arranging activities that work for both large and small groups and have a specific purpose to them. Sometimes plain ol' open RP doesn't appeal to the crowd because, after awhile, you see the same stories over and over.

    A casino night is one such example--you can have as few as two people facing off at a table or an entire tournament with several tables involved. Or if you want something a little more active, a combat tournament or obstacle course race might be fun. My guild even had a hide-and-seek event one time...ridiculously simple, and everyone had a blast. Learned about a lot of good hiding places, too. :P

    If you're asking more about how to keep storylines going while members are absent--that's a little trickier, especially if you're going to avoid metagaming other characters' involvement. Maybe it's time to start working on some secret project to reveal at a later date, or maybe your character wants to take a vacation. I hear Ember Isle has nice beaches...
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    I remember when my guildies organized stuff like "story circles", where we'd meet in some far-off location and tell stories - legends, our characters' adventures, fairy tales and so on. Was a blast!

    Alas, people pretty much stopped logging into Rift nowadays.

    Oh, and i agree: Hide-and-seek might sound silly, but damn, that's fun.
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    I have no idea - but generally it involves the community pulling together a little, which no one can drive, unfortunately.

    Open events, for example - people can choose not to attend, not meet other characters, and not roll with the punches, but then if everyone takes that stance, that's why roleplay is so disjointed. Which is a shame.

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