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Thread: Which is the best role-playing shard?

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    Default Which is the best role-playing shard?

    I am considering restarting my role-playing days, and was wondering if any shards stood out from the other. Also, which guilds can anyone recommend? Plus, does a person have to start out as a fifty or can a person start from a lowly newbie and work their way up to it?

    I used to be a Dungeon and Dragons dungeon master for years, so I know how to incorporate themes and personalities into a role-playing session. Plus, I'm a big ham at heart and a fan of movies and can emulate certain roles I've seen in flicks, from the '30's all the way to the present. (I will NEVER forgive Peter Jackson for turning Gimli the Dwarf into comic relief for 'Lord of the Rings'. In the books, he saved Legolas' life for Pete's sake! And an Elf drinking a Dwarf under the table? You gotta be kidding me! And then when...)

    Ummm, sorry.

    As for my qualifications for a guild, I am a very good prospect for a guild with Ventrilo or Teamspeak that would like to quest, raid, farm, and so forth. I'm greedy, selfish, I backstab, cause lots of drama, you'll notice that little things start disappearing from the guild vault, gossipy, hateful, a real pain in the as....OOPS!

    Ummm, I think I'll start over in another forum. Errr... ah... ahem... bye!
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    There is currently only one US shard and one EU shard that are defined as RP shards. Theoretically you can RP anywhere, but I'd say pick the one that fits your time zone/geographical location.
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    As above, it's now a much more simple choice! And I don't feel quite as bad for promoting Faeblight.

    On Faeblight, there's a fair couple choices for RP guilds. I'd name them, but I think you're better off checking the guild forums - just in case I forget a few names or get distracted in promoting my own guild. I'll admit, I'm biased.

    But regardless, if you do head to Faeblight, be sure to have a chat with Petals of Mariel-Taun! In guild or not, we're always happy to RP!
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