I do not RP however I have created a story surrounding a character I have that I do not use very often. It was requested that I place some of the story here on the forums so I am doing so. Feel free to comment or give suggestions.

Chapter 1: Turmoil

Draos wakes with a start, breathing heavily and looking around the room. He realizes his arm is outstretched as if reaching for someone who's not there. He slowly falls back into bed knowing that he is alone . . . always alone.

“This is torture, im being punished for what I did in another life” he thinks as he lays there arm crossed over his forehead.

“These dreams, they wont stop . . .if they dont stop soon . . . well better not to think of that” his mind is spinning with these thoughts as he looks across the room at the bottle the barkeep had brought up to his room unrequested.

“There were times, times I can remember almost as vividly as my dreams, where I would have finished that bottle just to feel numb. But those times are over, this is supposed to be my second chance at life, one where I don't destroy everything I care about.”

Draos laughs as this thought runs through his mind. “Not destroy everything I care about? Thats hilarious . . . since the only person I care about exists inside my head and won't leave me alone.”

Draos finally relents as sleep overcomes him . . . and the dream begins again.

Chapter 2: A Tortured Past Present and Future

Draos let his song come to an end strumming the last note lightly. There was a hush in the tavern, a very deep hush. Draos could actually here the big guy in the corner breathing.

“Someone obviously broke his nose years ago and it never healed right” Draos thought. He scanned the room, looking for her. He always found it easiest to do after this particular song. Several people in the crowd had tears, not just the women either.

“People now days forget the power of music and song” he thought. The emotion that songs bring up are powerful sure . . . but that's not what he meant. What Draos meant about power, was full fledged magic invoked when a true bard sang or played. Draos had once used that power towards nefarious ends. Deaths of whole villages full of people. Honest, decent people. People that just wanted to live their lives in peace surrounded by their loved ones.

Well Draos just wanted that as well. Wanted it so badly it was a constant pain. His brow furrowed with the thought. Draos stood in a rush his chair falling to the floor shattering the stillness the tavern had settled into. Everyone looked around bewildered by his sudden change in demeanor.

Draos almost ran to the door, threw it open and ran out into the night. “Every night ends the same, I get this delusional idea that maybe tonight she will be there . . . maybe tonight will be different. But then she doesn't show . . . she never will show because she does not exist.

He stumbles into the inn he is staying at, practically sprinting up the stairs ignoring the looks he gets from the common room. Once inside he lays on the bed . . . thinking, thinking of what he has lost, what he will never have again.

“As soon as that thought enters my mind, the thought that I will never be near her, never be able to look into her Jade green eyes or caress her cheek I lose it. Well I almost lose it, So far I have been able to hold on to my humanity in this life. I wont lose myself again . . . not this time.”

Draos begins to fall asleep arguing with himself on the benefits or disadvantages of returning to the soulless thing he used to be. “Life was so much easier that way, easier to deal with the pain, the anger . . . the loss and I was so good at it, almost as good at it as I am as a bard.” But if he did that, if he succumbed to the numbness . . . it wouldn't just be him.

His former master would return, and a new type of torment would begin. “Maybe keeping my humanity just a little longer is a good thing, maybe she will be there tomorrow.” he thought as he drifted slowly off to sleep and the Dream began.

Chapter 3: The Dream

It always begins the same, her eyes . . . staring at him. It's as if she can see right through him, right into his soul, if he even has one left. Those jade green eyes will forever be imprinted in his mind. Combined with her smile, one she rarely fully gives to anyone else it's the only thing left in the world that reminds him of what its like to be Eth. What it's like to not be the cause of death and destruction wherever he goes. Even in the dream as she reaches out to him he is daydreaming his purple eyes flashing with flecks of blue then red as he thinks of what his life could have been like had he met this wonderful, beautiful Goddess before . . .well before everything else that's been done to him, and that he's done to others.

It never lasts long, this pondering inside a dream, the dream never lets him rest . . . always pulling him inexorably forward towards his final destination. From happiness to hell, from love to pain and sorrow. Its no more than he deserves, hes sure of that . . . but for that one fleeting moment he can feel again, he can love again.

The flash hurls him forward, they are sitting on a beach together looking at a sunrise . . . no its a mountain top at sunset . . . no a lake in the middle of an enchanted forest. The place is never the same but the emotion is. Draos isn’t sure what this emotion is, he hasn’t felt anything like it in such a long time. Is it love? Contentment? Happiness? Maybe its a combination of all of them as they both relax in whatever location the dream chooses, the girl laying in his arms head laying on his chest as she looks up with a coy smile.

“This must be what its like to have true love” Draos thinks to himself in the dream before shaking his head in frustration . . .even in the dream he can't truly believe that love exists. Her smile falters as she see's his head shaking back and forth frustration, anger, sadness, disbelief all pass across the features of his face. His eyes, which had been a bright blue up to this point, fade to a dark red, almost black. The very characteristics that make him excel as a bard betray him here. She knows something is wrong and begins to pull away.

“I’m going to lose her.” Draos thinks to himself. But even as he goes to pull her back and explain another flash forces him forward once again.

This time there is no happiness, no sweet sunrise to meet him. This time its only him alone . . .alone with the demons in his head.

“None of this ever bothered me before, no deaths i've caused, no pain and suffering, it was all just a part of the bigger plan. So why cant I get rid of these thoughts now?” He does not remember what happened to the girl, only that she is gone . . . gone forever, never to return. He looks around, confused thoughts running through his mind.

“Can I go back? Start over? Not just with the girl, but with my whole life . . . maybe then she would stay . . .maybe.” His thoughts drift from the girl to the faces of the dead, a woman’s face looks up at him, her jaw hung open at an impossible angle, twisted to the side making her whole face look like a grotesque mask.

“I remember this, I remember doing this . . . causing this to happen. Not just to her but whole villages, children with their entire bodies skinned and turned inside out while still breathing. Mothers weeping, begging me to stop. But I couldn’t stop, didn’t they see? That wasn’t my choice, its what had to be done . . . I only did what had to be done.”

As the thoughts tumble around in his broken mind Draos steps to the edge of the cliff he had been climbing, his eyes flashing continuously from blue to purple to red.

“How did I get way up here? Was I looking for something? Or someone?” he cant remember, but as he looks out past the cliff he sees her. Sees her running towards him yelling his name. His world explodes with emotion . . . nothing else matters but her . . . seeing her again, touching her again.

“She came back” he thinks to himself. He looks more closely and notices something is wrong, she is screaming his name as she runs towards him fear plain across her face.

“Ill be better this time, Ill fix whatever is wrong and she will stay this time” he thinks to himself as he steps forward to meet her. As he begins to fall everything seems to slow down, time crawls by, but he can hear two voices even in the slow tumble of time. One is the girl, still screaming his name . . . but this time she seems to be running up the hill he had climbed instead of out in the clouds. . . And the second voice . . . well he wouldn’t call it a voice but he knows what it really is, and the laughter is unmistakable.

As he falls towards the ground time which had slowed down so much finally catches up in a sudden rush. He reaches for the girl knowing . . .knowing that with him gone there will be nothing left to stop whats really coming for her . . . for all the people of the land. All thoughts disappear . . . but even in death he sees her eyes, staring straight into his soul.