Hi, I've been playing for nearly 5/6 months now on the guardian side of the Argent server. I was new to RP in MMO's but I have experience in Larp, D&D and forum RPG's. Initially I was very enthusiastic. I specifically choose the only English RP server on the European shards because I wanted to RP and learn all I could about it. I soon found my way to the Blunted Quill and learned the basics from reading RP done by the Clandestine guild. (Thanks for that guys) I looked up some other stuff on the forum about Lore, godmoding and metagaming. But ever since then I haven't really learned anything more about the mechanics of RP besides tavern RP.

Now a couple of months later I find myself sitting for days in a Ghost town (that people claim is the Guardian RP hub), named the Argent Glade. For those a bit familiar with my shard, yes I've seen the defiants and I've Rped with them. I try to RP by the standard of what you see is what you get and whatever happens happens, so I wasn't about to ignore their presence.

I don't exactly know why but I've never managed to get my char involved with real story lines of other character. I am however guessing that they do exist. I'm also unsuccessful with introducing stories for my char since all the people I've RPed with have either left or changed to the defiant.

So after a far to long story here are the actual questions:
1: Can anyone point me into the direction of good topic that discuss RP mechanics for building stories for chars that doesn't have to do with the quests and dungeons offered by Rift? I am talking about stuff like using NPC's, story artifacts, how you build the story, who is leading it, that sort of stuff...
2: What mechanics do you or your guild use while RPing stories?
3: Do you have any tips for me how I can improve my own RP experience since I'm kind off stuck at the moment and I don't know how to continue.

My char is a very shy, full healing cleric, high elf.