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Thread: Just curious

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    Default Just curious

    I personally do not role-play in Rift. However, I was wondering if the REAL role-players raid, and if so, do you keep the RP going while in raid?

    I dunno, just wondering how that would go I guess.

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    We tried.

    Unfortunately, it's rather immersion breaking when you are defeating Greenscale, again, for the upteenth time. Hylas cackles maniacally, again, for the bizillionth time. With the repeated storylines built into dungeons/raids, it gets difficult to repeat them in an IC manner over, and over, and over again. For people going through a dungeon for the first time, we try to lead it in an IC manner. We haven't found this suitable for raids, since it's more 'mechanic' heavy (stand here, jump when he casts this, stay on #8, DPS checks, etc, etc.)

    There almost seems to be a tangible line drawn down the middle of the game, where there is the 'RP' part of the world, and then there is the 'Gaming' part. They don't seem to go hand-in-hand very well. At first I could easily handle this 'on and off' style of RPing, but lately I've been finding it harder to maintain the momentum. As someone who has computer roleplayed since the days of GEnie and Prodigy, this has been quite disheartening for me.

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    Also, keep in mind the amount of work that goes into both guild RP and raiding. An RP guild might organize events, write plot, help members develop their characters, incorporate their members' stories into their guild story, level NPC's to use in RP events, etc. Raiding guilds obviously organize raids, but also dungeon runs to farm tokens to purchase new gear, crafting runs for consumables and enchant mats, coordinate scheduling of 12-24 people, etc. A good raiding guild puts a lot of time into their prep work, as does a good RP guild. It doubles the workload for any guild that tries to do both.

    That's not to say that RP/raiding guilds don't exist...but it is easier and far less of a burden on the officers to choose one or the other to specialize in.
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    In this game, I find that less disruptive than in some, because "we come back from the dead when killed" is a plot point, not a game mechanic.
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