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    Exclamation Rift Role-play Community RP Guides

    This thread is your one stop shop for community created guides on Role-playing in Rift!

    All credit goes to the original creators of these guides and a special thanks to Talila for compiling this information.


    The Roleplayers List of Important Stuff - written by Lisnpuppy

    What is Roleplaying: For newcomers and Non-RPers - written by Verea

    Guide to RP - written by cartwoman

    Character Name Guide - written by Stormbow

    Roleplay 101 - written by Runo

    Roleplay aspects:

    Guide: Roleplaying Good: "It's more than that" - written by Alyvrae

    Guide: Roleplaying Paladin - Or Walking the Path of Truth - written by Tinker

    Guide: Playing the Neutral Alignment - more than just "not getting involved" - written by Tinker

    Guide: Roleplaying Evil - How it works and a few quirks - written by Tinker

    Character development:

    Roleplay Character Sheet - written by emeraven

    Guide: Developing your character: a guide to Roleplaying - written by Stormbow

    Guide: How to create a character - written by Ellevitia

    Guide: What kind of character am I? A guide to Character Archetypes - written by Stormbow


    Faction Lore: Make an informed decision regarding your allegiance - written by Pudsley
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