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    Exclamation Rift Role-play Community Character Bios

    This thread is reserved for you to post your character bios and provide a space to connect with fellow role players.

    Please keep the posts within this thread related to your character profile.

    If you're having trouble coming up with a profile, here are some points to help inspire you.

    1. Where was your character born?
    2. What was life like before your character became ascended?
    3. What does your character look like?
    4. Does your character have any distinguishing marks, personality trains, or quirks?
    5. What sort of role-play are you interested in?
    6. What server do you play on?

    Those are just a few quick points. As the thread grows I'm sure you all will provide better inspiration for one another.

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    In-game name: Kirdan
    Server: Argent (EU)
    Guild: The Clandestine (Shh, but that's a secret!)

    Full name: Kirdan Keith
    Faction: Guardian
    Race: Mathosian
    Gender: Male
    Occupation: Travelling Bard

    Born the son of a horse-breeding couple, he was expected to take on the family business in time. Fate would see his life take the turn to music when he was but a boy, a woodworker gave him an old battered lute in attempt to get rid of the youngster from his shop. Starting as a hobby, it eventually became his life as a bard.

    As per character model (may edit in a screen shot if it becomes standard procedure, see in-game / sig)

    Identifying Marks/Quirks/Signature Items
    He's usually seen with his lute, lute case and a smile or a grin. His hearty laughter, hummed tunes, or strummed chords sometimes heard before he's seen.

    Role-playing Level: Heavy
    Preferred RP type: Anything, though Kirdan is not prone to rise to fights. Open to cross-faction interactions
    Preferred RP location/s: Presently able to be found anywhere on the roads between Whitefal to Fortune Shore and Lantern's Hook, as well as the Guardian 'hubs'
    Approximate activity: Can be on late most nights. If I'm on, I can be role-playing (may have to be prompted to Role-Play if I'm doing something else)

    Have lute, will travel!

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    Everything you see in this post except for the physical description and signature traits is OOC, in case anyone was doubting.
    In-game name: Tasia
    Server: Argent EU
    Guild: Guildleader of The Clandestine (You never saw any name there.
    Role-playing Level: Heavy
    Preferred RP type: Any as long as it does not break the character. Will not partake in duels and roll-emote fights, preferring emote-fights under the right OOC circumstances.

    The character:

    Full name: Tasia Fireheart
    Faction: Guardian
    Race: Mathosian
    Gender: Female
    Occupation: Full-time leader, part-time killer. Knows how to craft bows and arrows, and sometimes makes a little profit on it, but it is usually to keep herself stocked.

    Tasia was born into a poor farmers family in the northern regions of Mathosia, approxemently 20-22 years before The Shade War. After her families failed attempts to gain enough wealth to sustain a healthy life, Tasia was sent away from home in a young age - destined to die, though she managed to save her life by getting into a sort of society consistant of mostly assassins, where she received training.
    She never lived a life of luxury, and every day that passed was another day won for her. When the war erupted, greed infested the society and she was one of the many to fall for others treason.
    She was ascended after nearly 18 years of being dead, for reasons she has yet to discover.

    Tasia is of an average height for a mathosian, her skin is somewhat pale which clearly tells people that she hails from the northern regions, and it carries several scars that reminds her of her life - though she keeps the worst scars out of sight. She has fiery red hair which reaches to just beyond her shoulders, but it is hardly ever seen without being tied up into a ponytail, and in general she doesn't seem to spend too much time on haircare, though she manages to keep it clean. Tasia has a thin figure, and many would probably suggest that she needed to eat more, and yet one can clearly see that she trains every day to keep herself in the best condition she can be in. She seems to be more of an agile type than one with a lot of brute force.

    Identifying Marks/Quirks/Signature Items:
    Is almost always seen in leather armor that has been designed to fit her as if it was a second layer of skin, timeconsuming to get on and off due to the many straps and clasps that hold it together.
    She always carries a pair of twin daggers, handcrafted of a durable metal. The hilts have been shaped after the head of a raven, with two small gems filling the space where the ravens would have had eyes.
    Beyond that she also carries a bow, having several in her possesion to fill different purposes, each one being crafted by herself and thusly tweaked into fitting her to increase her ability to gain a deadly aim.
    Her face is usually partly covered by a black cowl, to the point where anyone looking straight at her would not be able to see her eyes.
    She has a habit of scratching the back of her neck when she thinks, and rubbing one of her lower arms when she is either nervous or worried about something.

    Preferred RP location/s:
    Tasia is a traveller, and generally keeps away from crowds when she can. Often found in mountains around Telara. Occasionally dares her way into AG and other RP hotspots to get a glass of wine. Who can resist Davek's wine anyways? ;)
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    In-game name: Himo
    Server: Argent EU
    Guild: The Clandestine
    Role-playing Level: Medium
    Preferred RP type: Any as long as it does not break the character. Prefer emote-fights under the right OOC circumstances.

    The character:

    Full name: Himo Blomroos
    Faction: Guardian
    Race: High Elf
    Gender: Female
    Occupation: No set occupation, she tends to go where the money is and adapt to a variety of tasks.


    She does not follow the doctrines of life or death alone, instead standing between the two, drawing power from both and combining them into a potent combat style. Whilst this is the approach she adopts in combat, it does not reflect her morals or her calling in life. In training to be an Inquisitor she took naturally to their combat techniques but this was the only area in which she excelled. In her other lessons she was known for provoking controversial debate and seemed to be disagreeing with everything the Inquisitor tutors stood for. It was of little surprise when at the end of the final combat semester she left her training and set off on her own path. This came at a price of course. Whilst her fellow students could not doubt her prowess in combat, they regarded her as mentally weak and inferior due to her unwillingness to bend to the Inquisitor beliefs. She is someone that any Inquisitor would very much like to pass their unforgiving judgement upon.
    In her travels she learnt much of the world outside of the rigid code of judgement expressed by the Inquisitors and came to believe them as narrow-minded, corrupt and ignorant; they judge not according to the will of the Gods but to the will of themselves. The positions of power and status they held made it easy to accomplish personal goals and often generate significant income.
    She refined the skills she had learnt under their supervision and expanded her knowledge over time by incorporating aspects of the Cabalists and Sentinels into her repertoire. She had evolved into a fearful combatant and could more than hold her own on the field.


    She is of a slim build, not obviously muscled but toned. Her shoulder-length auburn hair tumbles past her clearly Elven ears and high cheekbones. Eyes like emeralds can stop people mid sentence and are framed by soft make-up of the same colour. Her nose is petite and sat just above her thin but full rose lips. Her skin is soft and delicate; flushed slightly on the cheeks. Soft emerald lines curve across her forehead in a traditional pattern. She holds herself well, not stooping and remaining upright, walking with a certain elegance and fluidity that would suggest an upper-class upbringing.

    Identifying Marks/Quirks/Signature Items:

    Prefers to wear light clothing rather than any heavy chain and can often be found in a deep blue cloak, boots, gloves and hood. Familiar sight in the taverns of Telara sipping tea and dipping her ever-present store of biscuits. Friendly to all races apart from Dwarves, who she finds rather loud, obnoxious and rude. She tends to look down at them with a level of disgust.

    Preferred RP location/s:

    More often than not drawn to the Argent Glade or Gloamwood taverns as they then to be easily accessible for a lot of levels, however I do prefer to RP in more secluded, unique locations.

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    Everything you see in this post except for the physical description and signature traits is OOC.

    In-game name: Miron
    Server: Argent EU
    Guild: The Clandestine. Official position: chief morale officer (kidding)
    Preferred RP type: Any as long as it does not break the character. Will not partake in duels and roll-emote fights, preferring emote-fights under the right OOC circumstances. Nooooot really interested in trying ERP.

    The character:

    Full name: Miron Moore
    Faction: Guardian
    Race: Mathosian
    Gender: Male
    Occupation: Soldier-for-hire. Does the odd job here and there - anything to keep the coin pile stocked.

    The quintessential soldier, Miron is of average height; well toned, reasonably well muscled but no hulk. Several scars cover his torso, the most noteable being a large sliver of scar tissue on his lower back. His face, however, is merely marked by a single, slight scar along his jawline. His hands bear the characteristic roughness of a life of toil.

    Identifying Marks/Quirks/Signature Items:
    Usually has the odour of alcohol following him, as well as his customary nonchalant grin. His gun is almost always primed and slung loosely on his back.

    Preferred RP location(s)
    Either The Blunted Quill in Argent Glade, or The Dusken Draft in Gloamwood. Anywhere else too, should the situation dictate.
    Miron: drunken idiot/fantastic lover/capable soldier (occasionally); member of The Clandestine; level 50 Mathosian Warrior
    Ludanian: paranoid, jumpy git/sickeningly innocent; member of The Clandestine; level 50 Mathosian Warrior
    Jahean: level 50 Bahmi Warrior

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    Everything you see in this post except for the physical description and signature traits is OOC.

    In-game name: Mortimer
    Server: Argent EU
    Guild: The Clandestine.
    Preferred RP type: Any as long as it does not break the character. Will not partake in duels and roll-emote fights, preferring emote-fights under the right OOC circumstances. Not really interested in trying ERP.

    The character:

    Full name: Mortimer Keliaster
    Faction: Guardian
    Race: Mathosian
    Gender: Male
    Occupation: Officialy retired but still does the odd road patrol, cultist clear out for pay.

    A tall man for a Mathosian, Mortimer stands slightly over six feet tall. His height coupled with his sheer bulk can be intimidating, especially as this bulk seems to be all muscle. Oddly considering his size he doesn’t seem to give the impression of a lumbering brute as all his actions seem very precise and co-ordinated. He has bright green eyes which seem to sparkle in humour and dark Auburn hair, normally roughly cut short which never seems to look neat. He has a strong face, with a strong jaw and slightly prominent brow.
    However most people don't seem to get past his scars. All down the right hand side of his face looks like he has suffered horrific burns at some point. They are well healed but still shocking to see if unexpected.

    Identifying Marks/Quirks/Signature Items:
    Mortimer has a very strong accent that, despite numerous attempts by others to correct, doesn't seem to go. He normally wears something red and is very rarely (if ever) seen out of armour. Closest most have seen him is his heavy chain.

    Preferred RP location(s)
    Mortimer tends to travel and can pop up anywhere. However as a local to Gloamwood he does prefer the Dusken as his watering hole, when he can persuade people away from the Quill.

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    Default Karusta

    Name: Karusta, randomly generated but it sounds hippie-ish so it fits.

    Age and Race: 35 year old Mathosian female, mature, stable, and emotionally balanced. Old enough to know better, kinda the opposite of Bethani's reckless defiance and chaos. Somehow, though, they get along and have since before they were Ascended.

    Character Alignment: True Neutral. She believes in harmony in all things. Extreme viewpoints do not promote harmony. This is not to say that she doesn't care about people, she does, sometimes too much. She just believes that when people's opinions are too strong they become unable to step into the other side's shoes and little is accomplished but arguments and fighting.

    Place of Birth: Gloamwood. Born and raised and moved back there after she was done with healer training, because med school would have been too much time away when all she wanted to do was help and connect with people. She's more interested in plants and herbs and potions anyway, gets carried away making stuff and runs out of materials and has to ask Bethani to run out into the wilderness to find more of the good stuff.

    Looks: Tall enough that she towers over even most elves. Shoulder-length green hair and markings on her face from fiddling with potions as a kid, when she was less careful. Prefers loose, comfortable clothing that can be adapted to any kind of weather, durable and practical.

    Quirks: Karusta was, up until the time she was forced to the front lines of the Mathosian Civil War and was killed and Ascended, very sheltered and naïve, all but metaphorically wrapped inside one of those protective bubbles she can now cast on herself as part of her mixed spec. So while she tries hard to understand what is expected of her in this new version of Telara she was Ascended into, she resents that she has to. She doesn't like to fight, and she takes it very personally when she sees anyone get hurt. Things used to be so simple.

    Karusta and Bethani's friendship predates the coming of the rifts and their becoming Ascended. Karusta was called from her work as a healer in Gloamwood to assist on the battlefront. She was talented, not so much at *poof* casting a spell and healing a wound instantly as preparing potions and tonics and the kind of compassionate nurturing that healed over time and allowed Telara's finest to get back out there and fight.

    Bethani was not yet one of them but she wanted to be, seemed to always have something to prove and ended up right in the thick of the battle and ended up hurt as anything and in need of all the healing she could get. Somewhere in there she and Karusta got to talking, part of the whole nurturing bit while waiting for the tonics to take effect, and they got to be friends. Bethani's tougher but Karusta's kinder and is one of the few people Bethani in her reckless, fearless “defiance” will actually listen to. In turn, Bethani has helped Karusta come to appreciate that some things are worth fighting for instead of sitting at home and wishing it were over already.

    *edit* Karusta recently discovered that she was born Eth and those markings are her face are not from playing with potions. That was a story she came up with to hide her uncertainty about the past from prying eyes. If you want to know more you'll have to ask...

    *edit* Bethani is another one of my characters, now named Karavia when my guild transferred servers.

    At present Karusta is questing in the deserts of the Droughtlands/Shimmersand searching for clues to her past. I play on the Faeblight shard most evenings 1-9 pm server time. Well, it's evening for me on the east coast anyhow.

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    Default Aifadra

    Full Name: Aifadra Akil Gahiji
    Nicknames: Fay

    Server: Faeblight (US)
    Guild: None currently

    Race: Eth
    Gender: Female
    Age: mid to late 20s
    Hair: Blue-green/grey
    Skin: Darkly tanned
    Eyes: Light green
    Height: 5' 4"
    Weight: 135

    Place of Residence: None currently, nomadic.
    Place of Birth: Shimmersand, Khaliti tribe

    Relatives: Immediate family is long dead
    Enemies: None known
    Allies: None currently

    Appearance: Although short of stature, Aifadra is not slight of build and carries her armor well with defined shoulders and a "swimmer's build." Even when not out actively fighting against the rifts, she spends a goodly portion of her time working on her physical fitness with a strict training regimen. She is hardly a "she-hulk" but she does have well-defined musculature particularly in her upper body. The rest of her has a softer appearance with the usual rounded curves found in her desert-dwelling kin. She moves with a smooth fluidity, a mobile gait developed from slogging through sand for most of her life. Her armor is usually dented and repaired as best she can while out in the field. With no real armor-smithing experience, sometimes things are tied together with leather or wool strips until she can make it back to a proper smith. She has been known to wear her chain until it literally falls to pieces before replacing it with something newer and better. Perhaps this indicates a level of frugality and self-reliance that is a bit extreme. Blue-green hair tinged with a grey hue is swept back off her face and held in place with an incongruous pretty pink ribbon under her helm. If it were to be let loose, it would reach ridiculously long proportions to the backs of her knees and carry only a soft wave due to the heaviness of the long locks. Her skin color has the appearance of long hours spent in the sun, but it's obviously natural coloring as all her time is spent encased in chain mail and rarely does her skin even see the sun these days. Her eyes are a soft spring green with a slight upward tilt at the outer corners surrounded by dark lashes. Another small touch of apparent "girlishness" is seen by the carefully applied make-up on her lids. As for the rest of her, she has the expected smattering of scars upon her body that one would receive while constantly out in the field.

    Alignment: Neutral although with just a small dash of Chaotic Neutral
    Disposition: Wary, shy, loyal, dedicated
    Outlook: Optimistic. She just enjoys each day she has been gifted and tries to make the most out of her new time on Telara.

    Positive Personality Traits: Loyal, dedicated, honest.
    Negative Personality Traits: Self-depreciating at times, impulsive; she has a problem recognizing her own limitations or lack thereof.
    Misc. Quirks: She sings to herself and makes her fae sing along while fighting. She would rather live in the woods like an Elf than return to the desert.

    Likes: Animals, honesty, food, campfires, swimming.
    Dislikes: Haughtiness, insects, excessive heat, the color yellow.

    Favorite Foods: Any kind of fresh vegetation or confectionary sweets. She is constantly improvising new recipes.
    Favorite Drinks: Ice cold water.
    Favorite Colors: Teal, red, black.

    Hobbies: Cooking, swimming, making explosive philters, knitting.

    Inspiration Person: Khawla Bint Al Azwar
    Theme Songs: Stand My Ground by Within Temptation

    History: Without giving too much away, Aifadra was born into the Khaliti tribe deep in Shimmersand about 150 years before the current events in Telara. She lived a typical nomadic lifestyle with her tribe until her death. At this point she doesn't remember the details of her death, but she has been actively seeking answers about her past in the scant history available in Meridian. She is working towards the goal of being strong enough to return to Shimmersand to dig more deeply into this aspect of her past life and to find out if she has any kin left there.

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    Character Name: Havelocke
    Sex: Male
    Race: Eth
    Age: 21
    Shard: Blightweald
    Guild: Synergy (Officer)
    Role playing: Light - for some fun between PVE events.

    Where was your character born?

    Havelocke was born somewhere in the Shimmersand Deserts. His family were a Nomadic Eth tribe which wandered the deserts, seeking to understand the remenants of the old empire. When Havelocke was six years old a group of Defiants came seeking his Tribes expertise on Eth technology and were asked to give their opinions on artifacts which the Defiants had unearthed. The Tribe agreed to accompany the Defaints back to Meridian where they assisted in documenting the Technology. Havelocke remained in Meridian until he his twenty-first year - when the Guardian Ascended invaded.

    What was life like before your character became ascended?

    Havelocke had a happy life in Meridian. There were other children to play with and he grew up amongst friends. He enjoyed learning and went to many a lesson in the College of Planar studies - he became quite proficient in the use of magic. His happy life came to an end when the Guardian Ascended invaded Meridian.

    He had to watch as his friends and family fell to the onslaught. Men, Woman and Children. The "Heretics" as the Guardians had called them. He was one of the last Mages to fall defending the ward machines - stabbed through the heart by a Guardian Rogue. The last thing he saw was a Guardian General smashing the ward machine with his sword.

    What does your character look like?

    Havelocke is particularly tall for an Eth. His friends joked that he must have had some Bahmi in him. His skin is not as dark as it was when he was younger as he became used to the lesser sun of the Freemarch. He has short dark hair.

    Does your character have any distinguishing marks, personality trains, or quirks?

    Havelocke despises deception and particularly hates those that resort to it. He has never fully gotten over what happened both before and after his ascendence. As a result he tends to spend long times thinking quietly. However, he cannot stand to be on his own and will surround himself with louder people to try and take the attention away from him. Unlike other Defiants he has no guilt over the use of their souls in his Ascendence and secretly revels in it. Since his Ascendence, Havelocke has an almost unealthy interest in fire and actively persues more ways to make his Pyromancer self more powerful. He despises all Guardians and their pathetic, murdering Virigil and his primary aim is not to aid in Telara's defence, but to raze Sanctum to the ground.
    Carlsberg don't do Rift factions, but if they did it would be Defiant.

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    Full Name: Ayelene Valdis
    Avatar Name: Ayelene
    Nicknames: Len
    Titles: Harbinger, The Light In The Dark

    Server: Faeblight

    First Role
    Primary Soul: Necromancer
    Secondary Soul: Warlock
    Tertiary Soul: Dominator

    Race: Kelari
    Gender: Female
    Date of Birth: 31st Day Of The 10th Month
    Age: 430 ( I used this and just randomly picked a tribe http://aocrpginfo.awardspace.com/EAC...conversion.htm )
    Hair: Short Midnight Black
    Skin: Dark Purple/gray
    Eyes: Crimson
    Height: 6'5"
    Weight: Try and ask her yourself.

    Place of Residence: N/A Never stays in one place too long lately.
    Place of Birth: Ember Isles

    Relatives: N/A
    Enemies: The Wanton, The Abyssal
    Allies: She'll give everyone a chance until they give her a reason not to view them as her ally.

    Occupation: Former Burial/Sacrificial Priestess
    Crafting: Butchering and Apothecary, she's learning Foraging

    Appearance: Ayelene has short black hair that frames her face. Her burgandy markings , which cross over her nose, bring attention to her bright crimson eyes. She's curvy and tall for a Kelari but not insanely so. She is always seen with a bright green/turquiose eyeshadow and heavy eyeliner around her eyes with deep red lipstick.

    Fashion of Choice: Long Dresses that remind her, somewhat, of the robes she wore in her past life. All of the gowns are black and dark purple.
    Armor of Choice: Cloth
    Weapons of Choice: Two-Handed Staffs

    Special Abilities: Ayelene can manipulate and summon the dead to do her bidding, and can even become an undead herself. She is also exceptional at curses and hexes.

    Alignment: Chaotic Good
    Motivations: Discovery, Revenge, Adventure, (possibly) Love
    Disposition: Calm and sometimes Apathetic
    Outlook: She is usually very optimistic.

    Religion/Philosophy: She follows The Kelari Traditions.

    Sexuality: Heterosexual

    Positive Personality Traits: Good Listener, level-headed, wise
    Negative Personality Traits: Apathetic, secretive
    Misc. Quirks:
    > Ayelene has a soft spot for the Fire Squirrels near the Kelari Refuge. They remind her of home.
    > She sometimes speaks to her summoned helpers, even though she knows she'll get only a nod or a nearly unnoticable expression back.
    > She once knew all of her summoned helpers in her past life.
    > Ayelene is often found in the Office of the Unseen, because she likes how the Faceless Man doesn't judge her previous work.

    Guild: Lux Mundi
    Guild Rank: N/A ( I forgot what the rank is called)

    Likes: The Spirits, Music, candles,
    Dislikes: Cultists, masks, hoods, any rude person, Ale of any kind

    Favorite Foods: Meat and Vegetables on the Arrow ( Kebabs), Roasted Boar meat, Nut and Mint Soup, Fruits especially grapes
    Favorite Drinks: Tea, Wine
    Favorite Colors: Dark Purple, Black, Crimson

    Hobbies: Reading, Traveling, Swimming in The Lake Of Solace, Mountain Climbing


    Theme Songs:
    Rebirthing By Cellofourte < http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XSandaGwbzY >
    Whispers In The Dark By Cellofourte < http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B5Uk8...eature=related >
    The Last Night By Cellofourte < http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UaSOq...eature=related >


    Ayelene had made a pact with a lesser spirit of death known as Veles when she becaome of age. He taught her all about Death Magic and Summoning. In exchange, Ayelene became a Sacfricial Priestess to the Kelari Council, and preformed sacfrices for the Spirits for a time. She was also a Burial Priestess and would preform the proper rituals when a Kelari had passed away.
    When the Islands began to be overtaken by the Cultists, Ayelene defended many Kelari and helped them reach the boats. Ayelene, and the Kelari who stood with her, died in hopes that their distraction would give the boats enough time to leave the Isles.
    Now as Ascended, Ayelene rarely speaks of her sacrifice or anything dealing with her past (family included).

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    Default Duveekin Bio

    Full Name: Duveekin Lyles
    Avatar Name: Duveekin
    Nicknames: Duvy
    Titles: Bush hider

    Server: Faeblight

    Calling: Marksman

    Race: Kelari
    Gender: male
    Date of Birth: 24st Day Of The 2ndth Month
    Age: 150( I used this and just randomly picked a tribe http://aocrpginfo.awardspace.com/EAC...conversion.htm )
    Hair: Short Black
    Skin: Dark Blue/Gray
    Eyes: Blue
    Height: "5'5"
    Weight: 145

    Place of Residence: N/A
    Place of Birth: Ember Isles

    Relatives: N/A
    Enemies: The Abyssal
    Allies: Anyone that can keep up with his speed and moment's of bipolarness.

    Occupation: Hunter/Hired Mercenary
    Crafting: Butchering

    Appearance: Duveekin is quite ugly in apperance that is why he wears a mask.Uncovered shows a few scars from childhood training in the forsts from various wolves and hunting scars on his neck.Covered is a Half metal/Half cloth mask.It is shiny and the cloth is black.He also wears a solid black leather armor for stealthness.He has two daggers on his calves.Also has a bow and quiver on his back.On his belt he has various arrow tips such as silver and wooden tip.He also has a vial's of poison's on his left arm.He has various bombs on his right leg as well.

    Fashion of Choice:Blacker the better.
    Armor of Choice: Leather
    Weapons of Choice: Bow,Bombs

    Special Abilities: Teleportation,and Adhesisive bombs

    Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
    Motivations: Hunting,Killing,War
    Disposition: Energetic and willful
    Outlook: Always looking for the next thing to kill.

    Religion/Philosophy: He follows some of The Kelari Traditions.

    Sexuality: Heterosexual

    Positive Personality Traits: Listener, Never gives up
    Negative Personality Traits: Secretive
    Misc. Quirks:
    > A slight bipolar sometimes.
    > When angry he refuses to talk.
    > Takes most things to heart.

    Guild: Philanthropy
    Guild Rank: N/A

    Likes: The Spirits, Music, candles,
    Dislikes: Cultists, masks, hoods, any rude person, Ale of any kind

    Favorite Foods: Roasted Boar on the Arrow ( Kebabs), Wolf meat, Nut and Mint Soup, Fruits especially grapes
    Favorite Drinks: Ale, Wine
    Favorite Colors: Black, Crimson

    Hobbies: Traveling, Hunting, Hiding


    Theme Songs:
    Moonlight Sonata(dubstep) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ckOh8...eature=related

    Duveekin as a child was a master hunter of various game.One day he was hunting in the woods and heard a female scream.He quickly ran towards his house and noticed his mother and father slain before him as various fottprints were left.He followed them finding a camp.He blacked out and awaken to much blood and tied to a tree left with a inch of his life left.He was saved a day later by a bard traveling.Ever since then he has been on a mission to kill his family's killer.He doesn't sleep much of the nightmares of seeing his father's and his mother's ghost moaning"why didn't you save us?"

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    You can play WoW in any MMO. You don't have to play WoW in RIFT. Oh, and no, RIFT is not a WoW clone. Not having fun any more? Learn to play, noob! I don't speak for Riftui, but I moderate stuff there. Just came back? Welcome back! Here's what's changed. (Updated for 2.5!)

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    Default Kierenus

    Full Name: Kierenus Darobur
    Nickname: Kier

    Server: Faeblight

    Calling: Mage
    Role: Damage, War Wizard
    Souls: Stormcaller, Pyromancer, Elementalist

    Race: High Elf
    Age/DoB: 20, 5/2/2012(?) (whatever 2012 means in-game)
    Hair: Black
    Skin: Peach
    Eyes: Black
    Height: "5'10
    Weight: 139

    Home: Silverwood, Sanctum (spends vacation/summer and has vacation home in Argent Glade)
    Birthplace: Sanctum
    Relatives: Feira Darobur (mother, deceased, was not Ascended unlike son)
    Enemies: All Dragons, Defiants, Aelfwar, Prince Hylas
    Allies: Guardians, High Elves
    Job: Part-Time Bartender (tavern in Argent Glade)
    Fashion, Armor: Robes, Cloth
    Weapons: Staff, Spellbooks

    Personality: Caring, Friendly, Sympathic, Empathic, will help those in need
    Religion: Vigil, Mariel-taun, Tavril, Theodor, Thontic, etc., High Elf religion
    Sexuality: Straight

    Guild: Family

    Likes: adventure, fun, fighting, defending people
    Dislikes: Defiants, Cultists, Dragons, enemies, rudeness
    Hobbies: traveling, exploring, caravans

    Before Ascension

    He was a poor child, very interested in magic and spells. He would go to Quicksilver College everytime his mother needed his help as a janitor. One day, he was infused with elemental, pyromantic, and storm magic after he was accidentally hit by a bolt containing all 3 magics. He woke shortly after, and he tried to use the magic. Apparently he burnt half of the college, destroyed the surrounding terrain, shocked almost everyone nearby (including his mother, but that's not how she died), and flooded the area. Yet he was not in trouble. He eventually became a student and graduate of Quicksilver and moved to Sanctum with his mother. He became a bit more richer and even met THE Shyla Starhearth. She was actually very nice to him. How did the events of Ascension happen? He and his mother moved again to Mathosia after it was founded. Then, during civil war, Regulos came. Kierenus and Feira were patching a hole in the roof of their house after Kier accidentally burnt it when the dragon came. They stared in awe and terror as he past and killed countless lives in his path. He and his mother fled the house, but eventually, Regulos catched to them, and thus their unfortunate death. But then, the Vigil chose Kierenus to become Ascended. When he was Ascended, he asked about his mother, but she could not be Ascended due to her unpure heart in childhood as a thief. Finally, after this entire legacy, Kierenus became the Ascended High Elf he is known to be as today.

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    In-game name: Mikhel
    Server: Faeblight US
    Guild: Gaiscioch
    Role-playing Level: High
    Preferred RP type: Most are fine to me as long as there are no god-modders, though I prefer being a soldier.

    The character:

    Full name: Mikhel Lawrent
    Faction: Guardian
    Race: Mathosian
    Gender: Male
    Occupation: He has spent the last few weeks traveling the vast land of Telara, gaining knowledge of the land.


    (Not much that he remembers, only that he was a truly dedicated soldier)


    A stalwart frame of a middle-aged man meets those whom gaze upon this particular human; he is possessed of gaunt features, striking high cheekbones, and prominent sideburns.
    The mans stands with the posture of the self-assured, his tone lofty and imposing. Neat chestnut coloured hair and a trimmed beard adorn his pale northern skin, with large amber eyes set into his gaunt face.
    Often found clad in a set of heavy plate and a thick cloak slung over his shoulders which bears the silver gaunlet of the Guardians. A surcoat of the same crest is across his front.
    Thrust into a magnificent black leather sheath is the Knights' broadsword, the steel which has been shined perfectly. A lion's head has been carved into the hilt.

    Identifying Marks/Quirks/Signature Items:

    Mikhel can be identifed by a jagged scar running down one eye. He is always carrying his battleaxe, ever weary of trouble.

    Preferred RP location/s:

    Mostly the areas in and surrounding Argent Glade. Though he will RP anywhere if needed.

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    In-game name: Miralos
    Server: Argent EU
    Guild: The Elders
    Role-Playing Level: Beginner
    Preferred RP Type: not known

    The Character:
    Full name: Miralos Machina (the last name she has taken for herself since rebirth)
    Faction: Defiant
    Race: Kelari
    Gender: Female
    Occupation: Historian, Book collector, Writer, Medic, Pyromancer


    The history books from which she was chosen would say she was born to travelling Kelari merchant and his wife, approximately 1000 years after the Kelari/HighElf divide, at the height of the Bahmian and Ethian Empires. Their ship travelled along the Mathosian coast, selling and trading medicinal herbs from the Ember Coasts to the Eth and Bahmi, and would return to the Ember Isles each year with fresh supplies to ease the daily needs of the Kelari.
    In adulthood she broke tradition and, rather than keeping to her own people, travelled the Ethian Empire, fascinated by their magitech. Some say being raised by a merchant family predisposed her to travel. It was at this time that the dragon cultists were working to destroy the Empire, and, as she was moved to ease the suffering she saw, she became well known as a skilled healer and apothecary. Mere decades before the complete collapse of the empire, she is believed to have been captured by Dragon cultists and slain. Her charred remains were found on an alter.

    Bright red hair, tied up into loose buns, frames pale white skin that seems to take on the faintest hint of pink. Whether it’s an effect of light reflecting off her hair or her often matching red clothes is difficult to tell. She would almost look like a High Elf were it not for the small double points at the tip of her ears, or the deep green whiteless pools that are her eyes. She is tall, but her long limbs move fluidly, as though every movement has a carefully planned purpose.

    Identifying Marks/Quirks/Signature Items:
    • When she thinks she’s alone, she might be seen chatting with a fire squirrel.
    • She tends not to talk much in crowds until she’s had a few drinks.
    • A fire squirrel is usually in her company. When she thinks she is alone she may be seen in deep conversation with it.
    • She is rarely seen without a satchel of books at her side.

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