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    In-game name: Malconia
    Server: Faeblight
    Guild: Destiny and Dream
    Preferred RP type: Any

    The character:

    Full name: Malconia id-Mirielle
    Faction: Guardian
    Race: High Elf
    Gender: Male
    Occupation: Hunter and Mercenary

    Malconia id-Mirielle grew up privileged, skilled, and above all, arrogant. The youngest daughter of a tribal chieftain in a secluded Elven settlement, Malconia is the young gun everywhere that she goes, even amongst mathosians and the other shirt lived races. Always brash, always confident, and unwavering in her opinions, she has only ever truly respected her father, even seeing her eldest brothers as less than she.

    From the time she could walk, the elf was trained for the hunt, learning how to track an animal over bare rock, and efficiently dispatch it when it was inevitably found. Far too often as a girl, Mal's father had to scold the girl for hunting lethal and dangerous prey, far too much for a child of her years. Still though, the young hunter never failed, and never as much as sustained as much as a scratch from her quarry. Naturally silent and with the keen aim of the famed Elven archers, Malconia often killed before anything even realized she was there.

    By the time she had reached her teen years, Mal had slain every type of beast in her forest, and was regarded amongst the best in the tribe when it came to using a bow, no small honor. Soon after, she began accompanying his father and brothers on weeklong expeditions to the depths of the Fae, honing her craft further. Soon she began undertaking these expeditions on his own, feeling the need to see more and more of the world.

    The last of these treks was a reconnaissance mission on the outskirts of her own forest, she was with 3 of her fellow tribesman. It was the last of these treks because Malconia was both literally and figuratively stabbed in the back by one of them, and was dead before she could comprehend what had happened. The face of her killer remains a mystery, and it infuriates the hunter to know he walked free. Her ascendence has gifted her new life, but Mal remains much the same. Perhaps a bit more driven by anger these days, but the same snide killer she always was.

    Malconia is a dark beauty, in all senses. Her hair is a deep black that oft looks blue in the light, her rich olive skin a stark contrast to many of her brethren's translucence. Slender and graceful, she isn't too tall, even by Elven standards, but is by no means diminutive.

    Identifying Marks/Quirks/Signature Items:
    She prefers dark hues, for practical reasons and preferential ones. She has small markings on the outside or her eyes that contrast sharply with her light corneas.

    RP type: Any and all.

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    Default Zrin Kiraneth

    I'm doing this as a sort of archive for my character. Warning: Wall of text!

    Full name: Zrin Kiraneth
    Faction: Defiant
    Race: Kelari/Human
    Gender: Male
    Occupation: None, Ex-Keeper of the Dead for The Caretakers of Dusken

    In public and (rarely) not wearing his plethora of helmets, Zrin sports dark blue fair hair with identical coloured eyes. Though it is no secret that upon reaching points of strong emotion, they darken to a deep purple, shortly followed by mist that shimmers the same colour that seeps from the man.
    His armour alternates between two suits, one displays him as a hulking behemoth with ethereal spikes that protrude from his helmet and shoulderplates, flanked by steel gauntlets and finished off with a heavy breastplate that extends downwards to his leggings and sabatons.
    The other suit of armour brings him under a new light as a nimble fighter in a setup that seems to stretch and bend to his movements. Weilding energy weapons under the tutelage of Harbinger and Arbiter magic, Zrin strides with pride and confidence wherever he goes.
    To carry the armour he wears, Zrin's body is toned and muscular beyond the norm, though not absurdly so. It is obvious he keeps himself in shape with exercise and "magnificent genocide" as he has once been reported saying.

    Zrin's past differs from lifetime to lifetime, seeing as he has had many. In public knowledge, he was on the last ship to leave what is now Ember Isle following the Rifts opening in the Kelari's home. He was a young man with a stutter and a fiancee. She was taken from him by the very Death magic that he possesses in terrifying quantity, clinging to his family's line for generations. Akylios, or perhaps an avatar of such, assaulted the ship that Zrin sailed on and slaughtered the crew. For whatever reason, the creature allowed the Kelari to live, but not before cracking his mind into fragments, from which Zrin's second undead servant was born. The first was his father, Sybra Kiraneth who pledged mind and soul to his son after being killed by a Death Rift. Arriving at the Kelari Refuge, Zrin hid from his kin, fearing and eventually receiving ridicule for having a warped form of insanity. Eventually he attempted suicide by drowning, but was saved by a Bahmi who upheld the Oath of Hospitality and took him in.

    Years passed and Zrin was introduced to a man by the name of Xosh Darkheart, shortly afterward becoming apprentice to him. Both Xosh and Zrin were Kelari and so formed a bond quickly, taking on a very dysfunctional duo who called themselves family. After a time, Zrin disappeared, having run away to the Moonshade Highlands following possession by a fragment of Akylios embedded in his mind. He was cleansed of this after an arduous series of brutal procedures at the hand of an Ethian woman whom he had begun to spend time with. She and Zrin were married for a short time before infidelity split them apart, with Zrin feeling the victim for not being open enough. During his period of being single, Zrin spent almost all of his time in the Death-touched lands of Dusken and the Steppes of Infinity, skyrocketing through the ranks of The Caretakers until The Overseer promoted him to a Keeper of the Dead, being given command of three divisions of troops along with freedom to do as he saw fit to keep Dusken and the Steppes of Infinity safe.

    Rage and borderline insanity clawed at the man constantly until such time that he met a Mathosian woman who commanded the powers of a Tempest. They held a tentative relationship for a time, both unsure exactly what direction they wanted to go until they shared a bed together for the first time and became a couple. They have since never been seen far apart from one another, having formed an emotional and Soul Bond together.

    Lately, however, rumblings in the Vengeful Sky have triggered warning lights across the board as a dimensional shard has been revealed to being concealed by advanced technology not seen since the time of the Karthans. With the assault from the Bloodfire Army and demons around every corner, the true nature of Zrin Kiraneth is revealed...

    Stop by the link in my signature to read the on-going story of Zrin!

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