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Thread: Telaratorial Lore Video

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    Default Telaratorial Lore Video


    I am trying to portray the "rift" (haha...pun!) between Asha Catari and her family. Mainly her sister and father.

    First off, what is the timeline since the fall of Port Scion and the great war? The time that Asha now lives in...are her family members dead? I think I read somewhere that it was 8 years but I'm still looking around. Also, I have read the first comic, and hope that there is more story after that.

    Also, any clues as to her feelings about the past? Any inward torments or struggles that she deals with for her choices and the split from her family. Fighting on the opposite side of her sister? Even against her?

    Any clues or sources would be great!

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    There are more comics that detail Asha's story relating to Port Scion.

    Her family do appear to be dead based on what is said in the comics... all of 'em.

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