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Thread: A couple of lore questions while going through NT

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    Default A couple of lore questions while going through NT

    Hi there, I joined Rift again in Celestial Lands and missed out SL, NT and PTW. I've finally gone back and completed all the quests (a humongous task!). I really enjoyed this experience. I assume I got quite a unique perspective on the whole story line as I had already completed Celestial lands and had soooo many questions.

    I had no idea why Orphiel was in prison, no idea what tenebreans were (it was so difficult to find a proper explanation on this! I simply had to play NT), no idea where the hell this comet came from, basically I didn't have much idea about anything! Finally coming close to the end of NT I filled so many gaps, which was an incredible experience. Unfortunately I've now forgotten most of the lore from Celestial lands ha!

    Anyway, I have a couple of questions where I'm still scratching my head over and it's really bugging me, hopefully I can get some answers here, or at least a response such as "we don't know yet".

    1) I'm sure there was a part in Celestial Lands where during the NPC conversations they mentioned a god that was unknown or hidden previously but is now known. Would this refer to Aia? Was she not known about during Vanilla? When was she discovered? Or does this refer to another god?

    2) Weirdly I read somewhere that the raid Comet of Ahnket never made it to game. Surely this is wrong right? (Although I never found the entrance) What was that instance all about? Something to do with a different timeline? Is there a quest line for this?

    3) It seems from recently reading other lore that Ahnket is a tenebrean construct. It was mentioned the tenebreans left their own universe because it was taken over by a more powerful being, did we ever find out what that was?

    4) Pallas etc. seem to be definitely tenebreans. Why did they look exactly the same as Orphiel during a quest in Vostigar Peaks? What were they doing?

    5) What was all that about at the end of Gyel Fortress. I get the part about the (forgot the name of the orbs) that they gave to her for extra power and they were tenebreans speaking through the splits, but what was that dragon all about that killed her?

    6) Were the aspects during the last part of Nm Saga 3 the tenebreans or something else? You know the part on his 'ship' where there are some kind of elemental whisps at the end and we run away. It was mentioned these aspects might make up one whole being, was that known? Orphiel clearly new what they were half way through the saga, did I missed something on this? It reminded me of Teth but he was a Tenebrean, and I assumed these weren't?

    Sorry for being so vague!

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    On the off chance of wasting my time here because this post is months old, here we go. I'm sorry I didn't see your topic sooner!

    1) Yes, this refers to Aia. And no, she wasn't known about during vanilla. Hints started dropping during the Storm Legion expansion, which was amazing fun for lore discussions, while she became truly involved in the story during the final tier of SL (Bindings of Blood) and the Nightmare Tide.

    2) As you've probably discovered weeks ago, the Comet of Ahnket raid made it to the game. It's the final (tier 3) raid of NT and serves as the bridge between that and Prophecy of Ahnket.

    3) I'm only starting in Vostigar Peaks right now, so I might not have seen that bit yet, but I'm sure we don't know what that being is yet. Maybe Risar. Probably the next villain after Ahnket/the Tenebreans. I do remember that the Tenebreans are from a dying cosmos and thus scour other cosmos, consuming them to keep their own alive. This would be the main reason for their departure from their own.

    4) Pallas and her group are Tenebreans, yes, and so is Orphiel, which is why they look alike. Pallas and her buddies are the ones who gave Glasya the occulons that allowed her to start transforming Goboro Reef into another plane of fire. As to why they gave them to her, I'm not really sure. Perhaps they were using her as another way to weaken this universe in anticipation of their invasion. When it became clear she wasn't useful to them anymore when we defeated her in Gyel Fortress, they did away with her.

    5) Details about the dragon Woragrath are kinda vague in my mind right now. But perhaps this bit of Wiki info can be of use to you.

    Like all Blood Storm his true nature is capable of driving mortals insane: He is not the only dragon with his particular appearence since there is at least one other lesser drake known as Woragrath who has the exact same appearence despite being smaller. The notion that a lesser dragon could grow up to become a potential decoy of him to fake his death has the potential of driving mortals mad.

    Beyond this secret is an even greater one: When slain his soul returns to the Plane of Fire as a being of pure lava known as Maelfernus. Maelfernus has the ability to possess other Dragons which may explain why Maelforge resembles Woragrath. The fact that Maelforge is a being of pure lava that possesses Dragons is a dreadful secret that causes maddening paranoia.
    I think Woragrath will return as a future baddie, if more content is released.

    6) The aspects were the bosses from the Tier 3 NT raid Mind of Madness, the final 'true' Nightmare Tide raid before Comet of Ahnket was released. I forgot many details about them, but you can easily read up on those by Googling their names, which in turn can be found in your Mind of Madness achievements list or through Google as well. There's pretty neat stuff in their backstories.

    Anyway, what I do know is that the aspects were what gave Arak his immortality. In the Mind of Madness Arak is defeated pretty early on, but still immortal. Easily dreamt up again. As you may remember, he's the nightmare being dreamt up by the gods of the Tenebreans, who are imprisoned by the Tenebreans themselves. Destroying the aspects made Arak permanently killable for certain reasons forgotten by me, but it also gave him the opportunity to swallow up their power, coming back as an even greater and more powerful being - the Arisen Arak. Who then, of course, still gets stomped by Ascended. Permanently this time, to end the Nightmare Tide.

    Despite being so late to answer your questions, I hope it's still been of some use to you. :P

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    This was really helpful thanks. I also am late to thank you as I sort of forgot about this post until it pinged into my head. Anyway hopefully my like will alert you to this again ;).

    1) Exactly what I needed to know thanks!
    2) Found it now! But was there a quest for it? Maybe I did it a while ago without realizing. I probably need to do a bit more research on this one, but I got the idea somewhere it was an alternative timeline. I'm also running it atm for some PvP items, so hopefully I'll pick up on some of the story during the speeches.
    3) I learnt this through the NT saga, around the time I went onto Orphiel's ship. It's not related to Celestial lands. Some nice suggestions though!
    4) Let me know when you've finished this story arch then, you might have picked something up I didn't. You meet them at a base somewhere in VP.
    5) Thanks for this one!
    6) Awesome, I'll look into this. Hopefully their backstories shed some light on actually where they originate from. I also intend to run this raid for the bag, so I'll know more about the lore when I'm there.

    Once again, thanks for the detailed responses.
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