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Thread: A couple of lore questions while going through NT

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    Default A couple of lore questions while going through NT

    Hi there, I joined Rift again in Celestial Lands and missed out SL, NT and PTW. I've finally gone back and completed all the quests (a humongous task!). I really enjoyed this experience. I assume I got quite a unique perspective on the whole story line as I had already completed Celestial lands and had soooo many questions.

    I had no idea why Orphiel was in prison, no idea what tenebreans were (it was so difficult to find a proper explanation on this! I simply had to play NT), no idea where the hell this comet came from, basically I didn't have much idea about anything! Finally coming close to the end of NT I filled so many gaps, which was an incredible experience. Unfortunately I've now forgotten most of the lore from Celestial lands ha!

    Anyway, I have a couple of questions where I'm still scratching my head over and it's really bugging me, hopefully I can get some answers here, or at least a response such as "we don't know yet".

    1) I'm sure there was a part in Celestial Lands where during the NPC conversations they mentioned a god that was unknown or hidden previously but is now known. Would this refer to Aia? Was she not known about during Vanilla? When was she discovered? Or does this refer to another god?

    2) Weirdly I read somewhere that the raid Comet of Ahnket never made it to game. Surely this is wrong right? (Although I never found the entrance) What was that instance all about? Something to do with a different timeline? Is there a quest line for this?

    3) It seems from recently reading other lore that Ahnket is a tenebrean construct. It was mentioned the tenebreans left their own universe because it was taken over by a more powerful being, did we ever find out what that was?

    4) Pallas etc. seem to be definitely tenebreans. Why did they look exactly the same as Orphiel during a quest in Vostigar Peaks? What were they doing?

    5) What was all that about at the end of Gyel Fortress. I get the part about the (forgot the name of the orbs) that they gave to her for extra power and they were tenebreans speaking through the splits, but what was that dragon all about that killed her?

    6) Were the aspects during the last part of Nm Saga 3 the tenebreans or something else? You know the part on his 'ship' where there are some kind of elemental whisps at the end and we run away. It was mentioned these aspects might make up one whole being, was that known? Orphiel clearly new what they were half way through the saga, did I missed something on this? It reminded me of Teth but he was a Tenebrean, and I assumed these weren't?

    Sorry for being so vague!

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