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Thread: About plane of fire

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    Default About plane of fire

    Hi, I'd like to get some answers about the Plane of fire :

    1) Are the Gedlo's Badlands or Ashenfell parts of the Plane of fire ?
    2) I'd like to know if there are guys who kinda "lead" this plan, or have some kind of autority, beside Maelforge. For example, for the plane of Life, I could say Twyl, Hylas and Atrophinius are the "great characters" leading everything about the plan of Life, and i'd like to know if there are such people for the plane of fire. (I guess Lady Glasya is one of them)
    3) I have some wonder about the Bloodfire army and Lady Glasya : I know they come from Plane of fire, but what's the actual difference between them and the usual Wanton of Maelforge ? Are they allies or are they clearly separated from each other ? Are they still linked to Maelforge or not?

    Thanks for ur help

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    1: Yes, Una summoned Ahnket to the plane of life and Ahnket made Vostigar, Xarth, and Scatheran apart of her, then Una sent her to the Plane of Fire, where she took Gedlo Badlands and Ashenfell

    2: Right now for the plane of fire its Carliazdajala, ex chalice bearer of Aia who leads the plane of fire, Glasya has been dead for some time and so has Maelforge and Eblius

    3: Like everything else, the Plane of Fire either has its own races, or races banished to it by the gods
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