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Thread: Timeline and lore compendium

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    Post Timeline and lore compendium

    Hey all,

    Someone once told me that Rift doesn't have lore, and while I've always known that not to be the case, I've also been interested in compiling info that's scattered all over the place into one document that would better make sense of what I and others know. It's a bit sad that there isn't a complete compendium anywhere, but I'll try my best to compile as much as I can. And by the way, this is by no means entirely written by me; some of it's from the old official site's lore section, some of it is official lore posted in releases or the forums, some of it's from other people, some of it's by me, some of it I translated from a French post on the forums. In any case, here's the little beastie:


    Keep in mind, I'm still editing this monster, and there's a lot missing, especially from the NT / PoA sections.

    In any case, enjoy, and I'll edit with any info you might leave here, and I'll definitely also keep looking myself.

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    Oh thank you! I love Rift lore and I also have a hard time finding it and piecing it together like a giant puzzle that you don't know what the end result looks like yet! lol. But it also enjoyable unraveling the mystery. Like real scholars! I write a blog about the pieces I find. I'm definitely going to look into your document. We appreciate your hard work!! <3

    My Telaran Lore and History Blog, with a side of RP storytelling!=http://ascendedtales.blogspot.ca/201...beginning.html

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