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Thread: Catch A Falling Star / SFP Conclusion - spoilers ahead

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    Default Catch A Falling Star / SFP Conclusion - spoilers ahead

    So - it seems like with the whole "You've averted the Starfall Prophecy" bit that Ahnket is out of commission for a while, especially after the conclusion to Ashenfell's storyline. (Dammit, Carli.)

    Is the rest of the expansion going to be just.. cleaning up loose ends until Ahnket regains enough power to be a greater threat than the rest? There's still the problem of the Red Flight, the Alaviax under new management, Queen Una and the Tuath'de, and the Gedlo, but all of these are pretty tame (well, maybe not Una) compared to Ahnket. I guess I'm not sure how I feel about the "Starfall Prophecy averted, hooray" bit.

    I wouldn't be surprised if Aia finally makes a visible appearance that isn't a floating, stained glass window in one of Ananke's revelations - or if Thedeor makes himself even more known.

    Thoughts, anyone?

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    First I'd like to say... that storyline was so epic, there are no words to describe such gloriousness. Awesome job CC! (and whoever else helped you with the story!).

    As for what I think would come next... I would throw my bet on seeing Aia more and more, the story revolving around her again. Which is great! I love her, want to know more about her and to see her show and talk to my character? YES PLEASE.
    (P.S. I want an option to join Aia pls. Ktnxbai.)

    Also I can't help but think Crucia will have an appearance solely because of that prophecy bit and Carli's offhanded comment about her.

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