This is basically one big spoiler for the Avid Reader Achievement--how to actually read the books once you have collected them.

Huge thanks to Accol for originally posting this; i started this thread so that his info is easier to Search for. Link to original thread is down below the quotes.

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I got a few tells this past month from people looking for answers on how to read the books. So I wanted to log on to update this post, I can't believe its been a year! We need new unstable artifacts soon!

Academy Handbook- The instance activator can be found at 4535,8096 in Kingsward.

Harrow Tome- Target the rare mob Lothuu the Sad. Spawns around 5770,4542 in Stonefield.

Fen Gorge Geology Volume II- Go inside the Fen Gorge Bunker to 8640,9643 in Eastern Holdings. Click on Diago Arkella's Cocoon to enter the dream. There are 3 different cocoons in this room and I think you need this particular one. While in the dream go to 8745,9455 inside the bunker. Use /sit at the dream desk then read the book.

History of the Sun Temple- Read at any rift tear.

Rules of the Icewatch- Read inside the Whitefall Steppes warfront. Read it fast and don't afk from your team!

Sagespire Spells Volume II- Target Initiate Copperpot at the top of the Sagespire in Scarwood Reach 2613,3545

Senviva Family History- The Library is inside the Senviva Estate in Morban. Go up the ramp to the 2nd floor, the library is the first door straight ahead when you get to the 2nd floor at 13110,6427. You will need to wait for 12am game time to read the book. Use /time or click the clock in the libary to see the current game time- game time moves at 3x.

Spooky Book- Read it inside the Temple of Thontic, Ardent Domain 4550,10109

Underworld Communications- The place is at the cairn in Droughtlands 9173,6928. You need to wait for about 4pm game time to read it. Use /time to see the game time- game time moves at 3x
clarification for the Cocoon in Fen Gorge Bunker:
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...Make sure you have done the story quest from the npc Nuetta 8687,9531- you will probably need to be level 52 or more to see the quest. You could find someone to summon/banner you into the cocoon area too.

Click on any cocoon in the area...
and this helpful response, too:

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Nope you were right on the money with ALL the information, one thing i did notice is the one in Droughtlands with the cairn and 4pm, you dont have to wait til a certain time, it was lik 12am game time and let me do it at that time AND when in Stonefield I couldnt find Lothuu the Sad, but targeted XOXTILLUS and it let me read the book, in the same coords in Stonefeild and YES in Eastern Holdings, I had to do that quest line from the NPC down in the bunker or cocoon cave which ever you want to call it, smile. I want to thank you omg with all my heart for posting this information, I have sat on these books for more than 6months not being able to fig out how to read them, at first figuring it out was fun, it became frustrating real fast and I couldnt find ANYTHING online ANYWHERE regarding these spoilers. THANK YOU, YOU ROCK ACCOL. smile.
the original thread, started by Soulshield, can be found here:

this was a lifesaver for me--i've spent over a year on the artifacts themselves, finally broke down and spent plat at the AH...then broke down again yesterday and spent Credits for the final, rare page of the Academy Handbook, as i haven't been able to find one on the AH in months (even with Buy Orders above the AH trending price for the artifact). i'm just not gonna spend another 15 months to read them, too. i just ain't. i love the challenge of this, i'm just strapped for time and there are other creative endeavors in Rift that i want to focus on. hence, wanting the Dream desk and Clock.

so again, a HUGE thanks to those who have achieved this, and have been kind enough to share.