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Thread: 7 Sins Theory

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    Default 7 Sins Theory

    *I know there has been something like this but I couldnt find the thread for the life of me*

    So a little something I have been working on. Its not complete and I only a few lines of why I think thy fit. Does this directly effect the lore? Nope, atleast I dont think so but its always fun to imagine things.

    Pride - Regulos
    Prides himself on being the baddests of the dragons. Regulos is based on lies and deceit which in turn is used to protect ones pride.

    Envy - Crucia
    Crucia wants everything, she wants an empire, to have all the power. Due to her envy she controlls people into serving her because in the end if you cant earn it then just take it.

    Wrath - Maelforge

    This one is pretty simple. Maelforge see maelforge smash. Pissed off for no reason even before he came to Telara.

    Gluttony - Greenscale
    According to what I have managed to figure out he hungers for pretty much anything. In the lore the following is mentioned "At last, she heard the thunder of wings that stretched the sky, and a great green shape came down and feasted on the sicklehorns" which would suggest that he would feed on anything.

    Sloth - Akylios
    Ah Akylios why sloth you ask? Well he isnt directly using his power to attack Telara because he... was asleep.. you know before we stuck him with the pointy end. They say a lazy person will find an easy way to things, so whats easier than attacking and sleeping the the same time?

    Greed - Laethys

    Seriously she wants gold and shiny things. basically your avarage Rift player in dragon form.

    Lust - Ascended
    Lust? What? Well you get different forms of lust but they are all a sin. The lust for power for example. We level we get gear we grow powerful. boom done.. dont you just feel dirty now? You should be ashamed.

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    The thread (and post) you mention can be found here.

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    NTE additions:
    Envy/Wrath - Lady Envy (Feel the wrath of eternity!)
    Lust - Fionn (thrusts the entire raid one thousand times)

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    To be fair Fionn's entire dialog is full of lust too. and im not even mentioning the witch, she seems to just want to get the poor guy naked.

    Also my most favorite boss. I would also kill someone if they didnt upgrade their gear.

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