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Thread: The COMPLETE story so far in one place, please?

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    Default The COMPLETE story so far in one place, please?

    I was just wondering if there is somewhere on the Rift site or somewhere else that I can go to view the complete story of Rift up to the present major content patch?

    This would include the back story of the original game, Storm Legion, and Nightmare tide. I'm a new player and I'm really enjoying the game thus far but would really like to know what I've missed up until this point.

    Thanks in advance if anything like this exists. I've done a ton of searching so far without any luck. I figured this would be the best place to ask and perhaps get an answer or information.

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    Long story short. No.

    You could try Magelo.com and look up quests per zone, but it's not super easy to go through chains with that site.

    You could also rummage through the lore posts on this board. I know there are SOME posts that have summaries of the plot.
    Here's a start.
    This forum is probably you're best bet to find summaries and discussions about the lore, even though every single post is now locked.

    As far as in-game there is absolutely nothing to sum up the plot line of the game.
    There should be, but even though it looks like Captin Cursor puts a lot of effort into the stories in the game (or at least what effort he is budgeted) there really isn't as much support for the lore as there should be. Nor does it seem many people care.

    And with Trions push to microtransaction everything in Rift now a days, I'm very surprised that they haven't really touched story/lore yet.
    I mean I would be okay buying in-game books with credits summarizing zone plotlines and major stories. Or better, the ability to replay story quests.

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    Default The Story in a Nutshell


    Basically, in the beginning there was Telara and everyone there was cool. Then some space alien dragons came and started ****ing with our stuff. So the gods of Telara elected Donald Trump to be their president and he built a wall to keep the illegal alien dragons out.

    Fast forward a few thousand years later, the gods revive a bunch of dead heroes (the players, who are immortal and respawn on death basically) to stop a machine built by an extra-dimensional alien name Orphiel Farwind that makes rifts in the magic wall (the ward) built by Trump for the evil tyrant guy who's name I forget. The ascended break the machine, kick his butt and are sent into the future in the resulting explosion where they found out that they failed to save the day and all the other dimensions (the planes) are invading Telara for resources again. So the player characters go from zone to zone and stop the invasions/fight the bad guy who serves the death dragon (Alsbeth) and basically kick ***. Oh, and the defiant player character is from a future where Alsbeth won and they come back in time by destroying the future.

    So the two factions meet up in Stillmoor, join forces, kill some snotty elf prince, slay one of the main antagonist dragons who was imprisoned (Greenscale), then venture into the afterlife, where they stop Alsbeth from reviving your long dead friend Zeraph Mathos to serve her. You then kill her and her lackies and basically win the base vanilla game. After this you go to Hammerknell and kill another main antagonist that's a giant squid dragon cause he was gonna do bad stuff and you reclaim the dwarven homeland. Scotty is also basically made the king or something. Hail king Scotty.

    After all this the ascended sail their way across the ocean to Ember Isle, kill two more dragons, Laethys/Maelforge and basically chill for the next year cause all the major baddies are dead for the moment, cept for Regulos and Crucia but I'm about to get to them.


    Alright, so while the ascended were chilling, the Storm Queen/Dragon/Dominatrix Crucia was hanging out in her prison in Iron Pine. She busts out with the help of her storm troopers (the storm legion) and flies off to the other continents on Telara (Brevane and Dusken) to rebuild her Empire. Oh and during this time, Queen Miela shows up from these continents on a ship, form the Ephemeral Alliance with the Guardian and Defiants and everyone becomes best buds.

    The ascended them proceed to lead a war against the Storm Legion across two fronts (the player picking which story they'd rather do) and basically kick a lot of ***. Regulos is there in part, but I've never done the questing for Dusken, so I have no idea what's going on over there. In Brevane, you discover the ruins of the Kingdom of Brevane which is ruled by the tyrant Savarola. If your a Guardian you join the Prince and lead his troops against Salvarola, if you're a Defiant, you rescue the Princess and lead her rag-tag rebellion. There's also an Indiana Jones reference in this part of the game where you run away from the mutant prince Kaliban.

    So both sides meet up, storm the castle and win the day freeing the continent. Crucia gets all salty and tries to invade the capital, Tempest Bay and uses an ascended killing nuke, that fails to kill the player cause they're trapped in a stasis field due to a shopping mis-hap. At this time a team of ascended are also storming her base.


    The lone surviving ascended in Tempest Bay (you) proceeds to literally go ham and outright slaughter everything in your path through the city. You kill several armored storm legion units, open the city's porticulum to let other ascended reinforcements into the city and you them proceed to destroy a storm legion war mech. You then reach the terminal where the storm legion are preparing to detonate a second bomb, this one to level Tempest Bay. The group of ascended storming Crucia's base kill her and Crucia survives by transferring her consciousness to Queen Miela and thus becoming the hottest character in RIFT.

    So she runs off, the player takes over a mech using a hacking tool developed in a dungeon story and you proceed to destroy the Storm Legion's airship fleet by jumping from ship to ship shooting everything in sight. You destroy the bomb which causes the Storm Legion to retreat and then you are promptly teleported out of the falling armada before you're killed.

    The rest of the expansion revolves around Crucia using the device called the Infinity Gate either to return to the plane of air or get reinforcements or something. Oh and a fifth god named Aia starts messing with the past or something, so you go back and time and fight Greenscale, Akylios, Laethys and Maelforge in the place of the original heroes who defeated them the first time while Trump was working on that wall.


    You travel to the Plane of Water cause some guy named Lord Arak steals the Infinity Gate and tries to flood Shimmersand with it. Not taking this kindly, you go to the plane of water to kick his ***. In the process you befriend a bunch of dreams, a fish named Finric, a mermaid and find out that you're lactose intolerant to demon milk. At one point Arak makes copies of the previous dragons, which you kill three of. Curcia kills her copy for not being as good looking as her and the Akylios copy is actually a pretty cool dude with whom you chat for a bit.

    After this happens, you go climb up Mount Sharax, defeat a bully, kill some giant who likes frozen, defeat who guys who work out and their frozen Maelforge knock-off, fight a giant tentacle ****** monster and then proceed to face off against the leader of the giant cult and the sleeping moon-god at the top of the mountain. You win, get phat loot and then go home to celebrate.

    Shadow from the Beyond happens, you fight off some aliens who crash your party, one of which turns out to be ascended from another universe who wants to harvest yours.

    The Nightmare Saga happens, you, the player find out that Lord Arak is the dream of alien gods who power a extradimension spaceship which was originally flown by Orphiel Farwind. You and Orphiel explore the spaceship, you fight Lord Arak, win and then run from the ship cause the gods in there are waking up and are getting pissed. You vow to return another day to kick their ***** for phat loot. (Also it turns out that Orphiel was sent to harvest your universe with his spaceship, but he thought you were all cool and decided against it.)

    Tier 2 happens, you have a nightmare about tier 2 content.

    Tier 3 happens, you go raid Orphiel's spaceship to kill gods and get phat loot.

    PTW Opens: You explore a zone that's been lost in time and meet some new faces.

    Congrats, you're caught up on the story now. Also RIFT's story is pretty epic, but sadly there's no real flow or exposition outside of text.


    There's also this one mead drinking satyr that shows up pretty much everywhere. He's pretty important.
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    Thank you both for taking the time to respond to my thread. This is definitely something I believe Trion should have as part of their website.

    I'm working on playing through all the zone stories at the moment. This helped a ton.

    Thanks Again.

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