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Thread: The perfect all offensive rogue

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    Default The perfect all offensive rogue

    I have been playing a rogue for 5 years off and on and I think I have found the perfect all offensive rogue build: Bladedancer, Nightblade, Saboteur...
    but I can't seem to win at PvP but I kick butt at dungeons but not raids I need help. Any one have any advice or tips?

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    yes, i have some advice for your build : throw that pile of garbage in the dumpster, run over to the rogue discussion/guide section, and pick a non-horrible spec.

    UNLESS, you're playing the game for "FUN", then sure, continue soloing in your perfect spec, but please, DONT do any kind of group content, you'll be a huge liablity to anyone.

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    How does that spec look? If it looks something like this, I guess it's an ok spec for damaging multiple mobs (trash): http://rift.magelo.com/en/soultree.j.../BkEAGklh54/wg

    Why did you post this tread in the lore section? Is it because you chose these souls for a lore / role playing reason?

    If not, then you will get more answers in the rogue section.

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