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Thread: The God of Madness returns!

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    Default The God of Madness returns!


    stated by Ocho Akylios has been ressurected by surge of nightmares, probably nightmare engine brought bi Lord Arrak?

    Heh, I know Akylios is not a dragon but his method of revival is almost the same as if motes of planar energy concentrated enough can create new dragons only with nightmares. I have a rousing suspicion that other Bloodstorm Dragons are gonna be revived in the method in the same way.

    Especially Laethys, that dragon does not really have a corporeal body but only inhabits shiny minerals, I doubt she truly died.

    So with this new tidbit, are the Bloodstorm Dragons truly dead?

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    Akylios was never a proper member of the bloodstorm to begin with. He was just a counterfeit that took the place of the Dragon of Ice, who was otherwise indisposed during the blood storm war. Its possible that he was a dream/nightmere creature the entire time that bloated on planar power, becoming a sort of pseudobloodstomdragon. Well... we'll see what happens.

    Also, my spidy senses are telling me Sanity is gonna make an appearance.

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    I cannot imagine will see any other Dragons brought back via this method. The reason is that tier 2 will be Hammerknell then chronologically tier 3 will follow right after that will be the Lord Arak instance and the Nightmare Engine will likely be destroyed in the process. As for whether or not we will see the Bloodstorm's return... I like the way it was phrased by the Lord of Fire himself "I’ve had enough of the reign of dragons.”

    The dragons of the Bloodstorm are dead save for Crucia. ALL HAIL CRUCIA! I think they should remain dead. I am much more interested in what else is going on out there.

    To call Akylios an imposter or a counterfeit I think is unfair. While the Bloodstorm is almost completely made up of dragon's the real defining characteristic is that it was a pact between the most powerful creatures of each plane. This is why Izkinra, the dragon of Ice, is not a Bloodstorm member despite it being the most powerful dragon in the plane of water. The pact was essentially to not mettle in each others business and to not fight each other. In actually they all loathed each other as they had incompatible goals with what they wanted to accomplish. This pact was broke when the infinity gate to Telara opened up and none of them could resist a world which was crafted from source stone.
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    To put it simply:

    As the member of the Blood Storm, Akylios is not an impostor / usurper. However, he did usurp the position of Izkinra as the most powerful being from the Plane of Water. Akylios was not that powerful originally.

    As for how he was resurrected: Akylios technically can be resurrected any number of times over - as well as the other Blood Storm - while the Nightmare Engine still exists. The reason Arak chose Akylios is because Akylios knew how to use nightmares, unlike the others. This doesn't mean Arak has excluded the other Blood Storm (as proven by the Extinction questline) - he is perfectly capable of and willing to resurrect and twist the other dragons to his will if it accomplishes his goals.

    Although, I'd love to see if Crucia interferes. She probably doesn't want to have a challenger once more as most powerful of the Blood Storm. Same with Regulos - he's not exactly dead. You can't kill Death - only delay it. Sanity might make an appearance in the future - but I don't know if he'll be in Hammerknell itself.
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