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Thread: Motivation of the Dragons

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    Default Motivation of the Dragons

    In the original rift, and Storm Legion, all of the Blood Storm dragons (in their configuration before NT and the appearance of Izkinra) have had their malicious intentions explained. Crucia wanted to obtain unlimited power and rule all of creation, Regulos somehow thought all things had to come to and end and thus wanted to kill everyone, Greenscale is eternally hungry and devours everything he can find, Laethys is greedy and lusts for unlimited wealth, Maelforge is driven by wrath and the wish to defeat everything in combat and Akylios is mad, so there is no reasonable explanation for his actions.
    Now, with NT, we have been told that Akylios was originally an Akvan, and had overthrown the original Blood Storm Dragon of Water, Izkinra, subsequently taking her (his?) place. This has made me rethink the whole thing with the motivation of the Blood Storm dragons: If Izkinra was originally a god of the Blood Storm, what was her (his?) motivation? The other dragons all have an attribute (wish for power, ideal of death, hunger, greed, wrath, madness) that explained their personality and motivation, what would have been Izkinra's attribute?

    (And while we're at it, I also never understood why Maelforge was actually angry. Does it have something to do with the Bloodfire Army and Lady Glasya's Rebellion? Or is it a secret until (hopefully) the plane of fire expansion comes out?)
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    Maelforge wasn't angry. He just liked destruction. He was the type of personality that would light something on fire just to enjoy watching it burn. He wasn't endless destruction, though. He'd take breaks, let the mortals rebuild their cities and towns, let things settle down and such. Then he'd come back out of his mountain or cave or wherever and burn everything down again. He was destruction for destruction's sake. Think of a tyrannical ruler who would destroy something the peasants held important, just to prove that he was in charge and in control, but still leave enough peasants around to keep fearing him; that's Maelforge.

    Greenscale also wasn't only about eating, though that definitely played a big part of his personality. He was also the embodiment of the truly wild in nature. The strong hunters survive, the weak perish. Vines and roots crawl and climb through buildings and stones and pull them down, erasing them from memory. Greenscale was primal, disordered, powerful. No society, no clans of humanoids banding together to push nature back from their settlements. Nature ruled, and sometimes it ruled very harshly.

    The dragons were all very complex beings.

    I don't know that we've had a ton of explanation on Izkinra's motivations. Much can be assumed, since it was tied with water, but I don't know that anything is definite. Water is both calm and violent. It nourishes plants and animals, but can kill them too. It can bring life to a village or wash it away. I'd assume the dragon who was the embodiment of that force would display those opposing forces as well.

    It would also explain why Akylios was so easily able to slip into that role, at least in my book: when you think about the duality of water, it's easy to think of it as both beloved friend and mortal enemy. It's a rather maddening train of thought though, and I think Izkinra probably had a little bit of Akylios in its personality anyways.

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    Okay, here are the motivations of the Blood Storm as best as I can represent them.

    Spoilers ahead:

    Regulos: Came across the universe with the 5 other dragon gods devouring worlds to prevent the Tenebreans from conquering them, as shown to us by Aia in one of the fates of Telara.

    Maelforge: Sustained destruction, as explained earlier.

    Greenscale: Wanted to turn the world into his own Primeval Forest and possibly devour all life native to Telara. This is probably why one of his quotes is "I'M SO HUNGRY!", and in Bindings of Blood, "You can't keep me here! I will starve!"

    Crucia: She wanted to dominate Telara and turn it into a legion she can use to conquer other worlds, and possibly the other planes (as is shown by her presence in the Plane of Water).

    Laethys: Wanted to possess EVERY material thing in Telara, including all of it's people. This is why the Golden Maw operated in secrecy and subterfuge, only outright killing interlopers with their plan.

    Akylios: I'm not really sure what Akylios' motivation was, and even in the Water Saga it wasn't really explained well. If memory serves, he wanted to drive the world's population mad. The entire thing was somewhat confusing and insane - just like Akylios, I guess.

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    Think I heard something like Akylios wants to hear the oh-so-melodic death screams of the Telaran people
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    The dragons motivations are very 2 dimensional being based on their respective planes and powers.

    They were given a little more depth in 2.0 and really 3.0, but unless their motives were guided by an invisible hand of say..I dunno, Fate or something, their motivations weren't very deep and are common in what you find at the beginning of any games story since the depth is never really thought out until the game is a success.

    As you can see in 3.0, major enemies motives are a lot deeper and have far more depth than the Dragons.

    Who knows what the original dragon of waters motives would've been. I imagine since the plane of water is very lovecraftian/dream related, it might have been similar to Akylios's, or possible something ice related. Like freezing everything over.

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