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Thread: Tarken Glacier - The Big Dig and Field Notes

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    Default Tarken Glacier - The Big Dig and Field Notes

    So I kind of hoped the Cosmologist Mann field notes would be posted already, so yet again would like to open up a thread of some of the stuff I gathered on that, and also the Big Dig sounded fascinating.

    First of all, I wrote down some messages which were flooding my chat log while roaming The Big Dig in Tarken Glacier:
    Maleficient Excavator (I think is an aggresive mob)
    "...system override disabled..."
    "...sample extraction..."
    "...ancient prison located..."
    "...must warn research team..."
    "...invasive species detected..."
    "...danger to maifold..."
    I THINK that is in order, but I was curious of this because I really didnt pay attention to much of the lore in Big Dig, was wondering what prison is this? It can't be Martodraum's. And which Invasive species is he talking about?

    Yellow Text:
    - You see a color you do not recognize glinting across the ice
    - You feel as though someone is behind you...
    - Darkness emanates from the ice
    - An ancient evil knows you are here

    So it's not exactly challenging to find these of course, but I found it... peculiar.

    Cosmologist Mann field notes:
    - Time code 2 5 6 2 2 7 4 8 4 =
    We hear many stories of our long lost home world. Such fantastical tales strains our imagination. Yet perhaps our long lost cousins have similar problems imagining our life here in an abandoned dream's village, on a glacier at the edge of the cosmo's
    - Time code 1 4 1 1 2 4 3 9 9 =
    The history of the ghar is the history of failure. Like our Eth ancestors, we are spectacularly clever at constructing our means to our own extinction. Our unique talent is to look at the apocalypse head on, and decide to reverse engineer it. That we are here at all is a testament to the history of our creations not working as designed.
    - Time code 2 8 4 4 3 8 0 3 1 =
    Here in the Plane of Water we are witness to varying extremes of tempurature, boiling steam from thermal vents, flowing liquid oceans, and endless frozen glaciers, we are reminded that water is not static, and has it's own moods and personalities.
    - Time code 2 1 0 4 4 1 9 6 5 =
    Ghar Station Tau has settled within an Onir village that dates back to the first pelgalic crusade. Here we are told is where Caeceius Estra first used the words of power he stole from the gods to stabilize the Plane of Water. Are we inheritors of his innovation, or do we carry on his curse of powers?

    Now I know for a fact there are more Cosmologist Mann Time Codes, so please... Someone *cough* hardy *cough* please post the rest of these.
    By the way I have no idea who Caeceius Estra is.

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    • Cosmologist Mann, fields notes. Time code:166718153
      The artifacts of the ancients beings are most prevalent in an ice field known as the Big Dig.
      Trapped in ice are remnants of a civilization that predates the formation of the mortal realm.
      How many empires have arisen since that one? How many will fall until the end of times?
      Will our be counted among them or crumble forgotten in to the sands of history?
    • Cosmologist Mann, fields notes. Time code:175702830
      The various ice fields in Tarken were cataloged centuries ago by Tau staff, lyaing the groundwork for our research today.
      The acronyms that compose their names have been lost to the ages.
      Were they a bit of scientific humor that tickled their inner wordsmith, or a warning to future generations, that we lost the lexicon to decode?
    • Cosmologist Mann, fields notes. Time code:110838340
      My cosmological instruments lead me to my first rift today.
      A gap in elemental spacetime, a window to another realm.
      I wondered if it would become a doorway home to Telara, a world I am supposed to cherish, but have no connection to.
      Would they see me as the lost son returning for forgiveness, or would I be an icy demon to them, a harbinger of doom.
    • Cosmologist Mann, fields notes. Time code:199941394
      The cosmos is composed of a mortal realm of worlds, and the six elemental states of matter.
      Each of these is infinite yet bounded.
      In Tarken we are reminded of this whenever we approach the edge.
      The power of forever is amplified as it approaches nothing, like a wave crashing upon the shore.
      We mere mortals must right its crest of be destroyed.
    • Cosmologist Mann, fields notes. Time code:137253690
      Is the path of history truly planned out by beings greater than us?
      Can they see the floes and obstructions, dooms and golden ages that elude us down here in the valley of mortality?
      Does any individual make a difference in the scope of time?
      Or are we bound by animal instinct? No better than the Ishelons who burrow in the snow. Each creating their on original, yet identical mark upon the glacier.
    • Cosmologist Mann, fields notes. Time code:222779679
      Made of snow and ice, and full of hatred for all creation, the Sharax are a terror on the glacier.
      They seem to exist only to settle their long list of grievances that have accumulated over their immortal lives.
      Age does not lead to wisdom, nor to happiness.

    Here are more.
    I don't know if there are any more. Unlike the invisible NPC that shouts all the other stuff, these hologram devices are not targetable.
    I've only looked in Tarken for them, but it seems unlikely they are in the other two zones.

    Totally forgot about this lol
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    This whole quest line is very closely based on the story "At the Mountains of Madness" by H.P. Lovecraft. The copyright expired on it and you can read it online here. Also the monster Shigurath that Dr. Mann releases is named after Lovecraft's Shub-Niggurath.

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    I assume all the Akvan stuff is directly lifted from H.P Lovecraft or similar.

    ...I just don't know any of it. lol
    I should read that stuff sometime.

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