If you're reading this you either took an interest to the title or you read the other two titles, if not, read it anyways!

Note: Chronicles, I have no idea of the general premise. These could be instances of travelling back in time, or in some cases like River of Souls, an alternate reality of sorts. I dunno. I just have the lore.

River of Souls: Chains of Death
Ascended disguise themselves as members of the Endless Court and gain entry into the River of Souls, which is on the edge of the Death Plane. Here, they unwillingly subdue Herald Gaurath and bind him to Alsbeth's control, Alsbeth then resurrects Zareph and the Ascended refuse to bind him as well. Zareph holds off Alsbeth, at the cost of his renewed life, while the Ascended flee.

Hammerknell Fortress: Runes of Corruption

Note: Defiant version will have Faceless Man, Guardians have That bearded guy instead.

Ascended arrive in Hammerknell Fortress to find the dwarves exploring the entrance, together they push forth and find Murdantix bound by a rune, this also leaves the door to the Throne Room sealed. They choose to unbind Murdantix and defeat him for the sake of opening the door. After the door is opened and Golems and Specters are defeated, the Ascended come across Rune King Molinar and his son, Prince Dolin. They defeat them, but Estrode arrives and possesses Molinar's body at his request, in exchange for him and his son to live on. Molinar loses his conscience, while Dolin is corrupted by Estrode later on. Faceless Man or That Bearded Guy That Guardians Have hold off the possessed Molinar and Prince Dollin while the Ascended flee.

Greenscale's Blight: The Fallen Prince

Note: This is almost definitely an alternate reality of sorts as it is based on a repeat of the events from the Greenscale's Blight Raid, with Defiant and Guardian main characters showing up as well, but this does require confirmation.

Ascended arrive to find Dacia Ultan fatally wounded at the entrance to the Life Maze, Prince Hylas and his band of Infiltrator Johlen, Oracle Aleria and Duke Letarus retreat within the maze. Shyla of the Guardians arrives and mocks Dacia, they then team up and head into the maze along with the Ascended, defeat Hylas' Generals and arrive at Hylas. Hylas offers Shyla a chance to join him, but she refuses and instead summons Atrophinius. She promises him some mead (Didn't see that one coming.) and he assists in the defeat of Hylas. Hylas falls, signalling the end of House Aelfwar, the Ascended then continue into the prison of Greenscale to find minions of Death still holding him in place. Ascended defeat them, unbinding Greenscale, then defeat Greenscale himself. They all return home and celebrate.

Infernal Dawn: Laethys

In a confirmed alternate reality, Laethys has taken over the world of Telara (No clue where Maelforge is supposed to be.). Ascended infiltrate Mount Carcera and find Carcera, Spirit of the Mountain, imprisoned within the jail that used to hold Maelforge. Ascended fight their way through the Golden Maw forces, defeating her general Maklamos the Scryer and arriving at The Dread Fortune, where another of her generals Rusilia Dreadblade is waiting. The Dread Fortune's Heart is then destroyed and Rusilia is slain, the Ascended then proceed into the chamber of cursed gold and confront Laethys. Laethys is then slain and the Ascended leave to celebrate.

Hive Kaaz'Gfuu: Queen's Gambit

Before the events of this Chronicle Tasuil, a Corgi living in Hailol, is slain by Inyra, one of the Awakened leaders, infuriating Atrophinius.

The Architects are plotting to use Inyra as a vessel to transform her into the new Architect Queen. The Ascended and Atrophinius infiltrate to find out their plans, facing off against the Architects and the Awakened, who think the Architects have acknowledged the superiority of the Awakened forces and that Inyra is their Queen (Which is half-true I guess.).
As the Ascended reach the depths of the Hive, they find they are too late as Inyra is transformed by the volatile chemicals the Awakened were earlier transporting, to find that she has become Inyr'Kta, a massive Architect Queen. Tasuil, the new name for the Dragon that was raised in Hailol, arrives to assist the Ascended in their battle, they successfully drive back Inyr'Kta, but she escapes. Atrophinius then arrives and mourns the loss of his dear friend Tasuil, and tells the dragon he refuses to acknowledge him as a replacement. Ascended then leave.

Planebreaker Bastion: Aftermath

Following the events of the Planebreaker Bastion Raid, the Ascended infiltrate the remains of the Bastion with some researchers to find out what has become of the Architects. They arrive to find the Architects are currently facing a civil war to decide the new leader of the hive. The Ascended proceed and defeat Usurper Esai, one of the higher-ups who intends to take Inyr'Kta's place as leader. Following his defeat Sharad X-9, the defense system left behind by Inyr'Kta, opens the gate and the Ascended defeat him. Soon after the Ascended discover the Gnar, following Inyr'Kta's death, have turned on the Architects as well. The Ascended defeat several of the Gnar and Architects, then defeat Tesni the Ravenous, a large Gnar Queen. Ascended then open another barrier and head over to the gateway from which Proteus arrived, to find the gateway released more of the Water Plane creatures. After defeated them, the Ascended proceed to overload the Planar Televeyer, which accidentally resurrects Inyr'Kta's essence as Inyra, the original Awakened leader. The Ascended then defeat Inyra and return home, leaving the researchers astonished by the effects of overloading the Planar Televeyer.

Shadow from Beyond

Following the events of the Tarken Glacier storyline, the Player is welcomed by the Pelagic Order to enjoy a feast and party in their honour. This of course, is interrupted by several falling stars, which turn out to be unknown invaders possessing powers from the Plane of Fire. After the Player defeats the invaders and the enormous Grumdon, they proceed to investigate below the Monastery to find Frawn, another of the unknown invaders, with an Oculon in possession. Frawn expresses disappointment at how Lady Glasya was granted Oculons by his master, yet still failed to conquer Goboro Reef due to her defeat at the hands of the Ascended. The Player then defeats Frawn and prevent the Oculon from overloading. They then rush over to assist the Skelfs of the Cerulean Rhenke, to then face Urulynn, yet another firey invader, in possession of five Oculons. After him and the Oculons are defeated, the Ascended proceed into a crater, to find Samekh, a Tenebrean, the mastermind behind the invasion. Samekh and the Player then fight it out, with the Player injuring Samekh, forcing her to retreat. Before she retreats however, Samekh mentions that she will return, and that the Player of all people, should know that you can't defeat an Ascended like that, hinting the Tenebreans may have achieved similar planar power and immortality as the Ascended have. The player then returns home.