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Thread: Bahmi lore.

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    Default Bahmi lore.

    So. I can't find much on Bahmi lore. I see they are from the canyons I know the oaths. What I need to know is how they lived, average age. Are they more barbarian so they lived in tribes? Just trying to figure out the basics, as I am building a Bahmi only guild for some interesting rp. Anything would be great.

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    Im just going to answer the questions then put a big copy pasta of lore below...

    How did they live?: Tribal based in a network of canyons commingling with humans.
    Average lifespan? 100 years.
    Are they Barbaric? Not overly barbaric... More along the lines of Native Americans, who worship there ancestors spirits and call on them for power.

    Lore copy pasta from the wiki: The Bahmi are the curious and reclusive denizens of the Rhaza'de Canyons. Their elemental ancestors, the Shalastiri, arrived on Telara through a rift from the Plane of Air at the time of the first Blood Storm Wars. Led by their prince, Bahmi, they proved invaluable warriors in the fight against the dragon gods.

    But Bahmi's decision to aid Telara was also marked with tragedy. The placement of the Ward meant he and his companions would never be able to return to their homeland; despite this they stayed, and fought valiantly. With the Ward in place, and peace returned to Telara, Bahmi's people settled in the canyons, breeding with humans and forming a new race.

    Despite a brutish reputation, Bahmi idealize hospitality, the pursuit of excellence, and community above all else. In strength of arms, the Bahmi are beyond measure, and their craftsmanship is superior. When the Eth Empire fell, many of the refugees found haven in the Bahmi lands, creating a deep bond between the two peoples.

    The Bahmi cover themselves in very intricate and magical tattoos called "sefir". The application of sefir is all that remains of the Bahmi's elemental heritage, and they recognize great accomplishments in a Bahmi's life. The tattoos recount the personal histories of each Bahmi, while also providing a sizable source of imbued elemental power.

    The Bahmi have only recently taken an active part in the affairs of Telara outside of their ancestral lands. As Port Scion was founded, so they arrived, a wandering tribe from the southern deserts. With their mighty strength and tireless work ethic, the Bahmi helped raise the city walls to their great heights, earning the respect and admiration of many. Though both their elemental heritage and air of casual superiority has lead to widespread suspicion and distrust, their swords, and their craftsmen, have proven them invaluable to other Telarans.

    Joining the Defiant

    When they first arrived on Telara during the Blood Storm Wars, the Bahmi's ancestors were regarded with suspicion and fear. Only the Eth welcomed their coming, more intrigued than frightened by the Shalastir's planar origins. The Bahmi have never forgotten who first befriended them, and their alliance with the Eth has remained strong through the centuries. This bond, a mutual disdain for the gods of the Vigil, and their continued tradition of elemental ancestor worship, all led the Bahmi to join the Defiant.

    The Bahmi are best described as the brawn in a group largely dedicated to science and magic. Yet among volatile allies, their race is the most even-tempered, and when methods go astray in pursuit of the Defiant's greater goals, it will often be a Bahmi who stands up to right the course.
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