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Thread: How Do You Make A Demon Sound "Noble?"

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    Default How Do You Make A Demon Sound "Noble?"

    Ok so I have 3 Characters (Reaver Tank with Champion and Warlord Subsouls, Defiler Healer with Oracle and Cabalist Subsouls, and a Mage Damage with Warlock and Dominator Subsouls) and they are all Ascended, but have some capacity to use Death Magic. How would I make them sound Good even though the methods they use are "evil?"

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    1)If Defiant, this is easy. You're using tools in front of you, and dedicating yourself to be strong enough to resist the corrupting influence of the elements. As an Ascended especially, it takes quite a lot to really turn you evil from the Planes.

    2)If Guardian, this might be harder. But really, the faction still tolerates you. Probably some increased dramatics you could imagine though .

    3)Remember that your character does NOT = your souls. While you may have RP reasons for your character to equip certain souls, or feel more innate attachment to them... souls are still just sets and levels of abilities that we acquire from attunement to other people (souls), not stuff that your character had to train for many years over.

    So really, I think one could RP the following:
    -You're an Ascended, so innately resistant to corruption, and more able to take on the power of Death without succumbing to it quickly.
    -You're grey in morality, or amoral, and focused on using the tools you've acquired in order to kick *** like any other Ascended.
    -Or you're light in morality, but some experiences in your history attune you more to Death and you try to orient that towards your own and Telara's benefit, for what its worth.
    -You have a more eccentric view on things like Death, Souls, Corpses, Curses, etc. You see them as just as important to Telara as any other force, and believe that if Death is inevitable and endless, a whole Plane of existence that shouldn't be ignored because it is 'disgusting', you might as well make it work for yourself and your allies.

    Considering the majority of the enemies you fight, the abilities of Death souls aren't that bad. Curses? That's fine really. Sacrificial stuff? Well, you're sacrificing your own lifeforce, and that might be considered to be heroic by some. Bringing dead bodies to undeath? Well, that's just good resource management!

    Just keep in mind:
    The Defiants might be more biased against curses (considering the history of Asha).
    The Guardians might be more biased against undead (considering the history of Mathosia).
    The Empyrean peoples might be more biased against things that imply darkness and rotting (considering Dusken).

    But none of them is going to automatically toss out a Death user if they are powerful enough, helpful enough, good-natured enough. My Rogue has Deathtouched abilities on his swords, I think. That doesn't change that he's a very happy person who points that Death towards the enemies of the Ascended foremost.

    Remember, all of the 6 elements have tendency towards evil acts, and most of the questing illustrates this.

    Just some examples:
    Life - Overgrowth (strangling everything else)
    Fire - Devastation (violence)
    Water - Submerging (madness)
    Air - Domination (mind control)
    Earth - Crystallizing (becoming fake, synthetic)

    The factions, especially Guardians may have had a hatred for Death for some time - but they also learn that ALL of the factions and their elemental powers are super dangerous, and that they all stood to corrupt mortals and Ascended with all 6 Planes. Death is just the most dangerous to entities that are of organic life, of course, so its that most iffy to deal with, whereas Life can probably be used more safely and moderately.

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    *points to Uriel*

    Use her a proof that one can come back from even the deepest corruption.
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    I also have 3 "Angels" as I call them :
    Cleric Healer (Sentinel, Purifier and Inquisitor)
    Cleric Tank (Justicar, Inquisitor and Shaman(That one is for her abilities, I don't use the water powers anyway)
    Warrior Tank (Paladin, and has the same subsouls as the Reaver)

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