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Thread: What are the names of the Delves?

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    Default What are the names of the Delves?

    Hello all. I have a quick question for anyone who might be following lore...What are the names of the rest of the Delves? I have Hammerknell and Lord's Hall. Unless there are only 2? The Dwarf lore gives us the hint that there were more than just 2. I'm assuming of course that they were destroyed, but does anyone have an inkling of what their names would be?
    Thank you so much in advance!


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    I wouldn't be the best person to discuss Lore, but there's also a 'lost' tribe of Dwarves on Ember Isle called the Farclan who are descendants of an expedition there centuries ago and who were 'discovered' and are now allies

    What are the names of the Delves?-farclan.jpg

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    There are some promising candidates for Devles that have likely long been abandoned although I think they are all unconfirmed. Not including the 100% confirmed dwarf halls Hammerknell, Lord's hall, and Farhall.
    • The Last Valley's unnamed doors is the most likely candidate, it is a huge gate leading under the mountains with little to nothing known about it. The doors and the symbolism surrounding it is a give away to me though that it was likely Dwarven in origin. The depictions of birds above the door is a common symbol for Dwarves if you look around Hammerknell you see Massive eagles and gryphon statues. Additionally it has very meticulous weaving patterns that you only see from dwarves.
    • Bronze Tomb Passage could in theory be a dwarf delve although it is unlikely considering we know other similar tombs are not.

    Wow, those are the only 2 I could think of and I am 99% sure Bronze tomb is not Dwarf.
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