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Thread: CB5 ... Fun Lore that YOU found.

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    Default CB5 ... Fun Lore that YOU found.

    I thought I'd take a break from going through information I'm getting ready to install on the CoT Lore Blog and ask you guys a question. I know we are all at different stages of lore gathering. While you may be romping around Scarlet Gorge, I am still sifting through Freemarch. Meanwhile, Bob Smith over there is just creating his first toon. I'd love to hear what you guys found during CB5. It could be something as simple as a book that you loved reading to something more dramatic as actually seeing the Spirit of Regulos. Gimme what YOU thought was YOUR coolest, neatest or most interesting Lore find was of CB5.

    What was the neatest, coolest or most interesting thing that YOU personally found or ran into during CB5 ?

    For me it was ... going into Meridian and really checking it out. I LOVED seeing the spining planes around Telara. It was great seeing ol' Sylver Valis, who is KELARIAN, which we find out from his sister out in the training yard. . I really loved Orphiels Spire. I loved how the devs tossed in a few water creatures poking there nose in here or there as if the Abyssal were trying to get the city back. I loved seeing all the old faces out front. ... I think I must've spent a good 6 hours in that place, before moving on. I wished they'd given us MORE quests in the city.
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    I spent most of CB5 finishing up Stonefield, and have only barely set foot in Scarlet Gorge. Definitely the coolest part of Stonefield is the final quest chain (I wont spoil it, but I will say it involves the Titans). Fighting to the top of the old Eth keep was really fun. Too bad the doors were sealed shut, though. Also, while not really lore-related, I enjoyed exploring the cliff above granite falls. Lots of cool easter eggs up there (eg. the skeleton of a miner overlooking the waterfall and a lootable ancient cairn from which I got an epic level 30 bow).

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    If you are a Guardian and you go to Sanctum inside the main chamber is an artifact of some sort that is chained down. It has something to do with the Vigil and there are several NPC's kneeling in front of it. So I was in roleplaying and I went up to it and without clicking on it (You can't select it) just simply type /kneel.
    The Vigil (Gods) will give you a 5 minute buff and allow you to illuminate with a holy aura. I thought it was really neat.

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