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    Default 2.6 Air Saga Iron Pine

    OK, not sure whether this is in the right place, but it occurs to me that once you have done part 2 of the Air saga, and completed the Exodus of the Storm Queen, then the loading screen for IPP in future should change to reflect this. As it is, the text in the IPP loading screen confirms you have purged the corruption within the Icewatch, but Chekharoth remains at large.

    In Exodus, you track him down, and kill him.

    So the IPP loading screen text should alter to reflect that you have now killed Chekharoth, and Iron Pine is peaceful once more, although the ever present danger of crucia herself remains.

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    Yep, you are correct. I just heard about this yesterday. It is something that actually fell through the cracks in the 2.5 revamp of Iron Pine. I'll fix it in the next hotpatch or two.

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