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Thread: What Lore is missing in the starter zones?

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    Default What Lore is missing in the starter zones?

    I have heard that because of quests that got cut there is now missing lore in the starting zones.

    What exactly is now missing? I played briefly when the game was launched but wasn't paying close attention to the story, now that I've returned I want to follow it more closely so I'm curious what I'm missing.

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    Not a *lot*.

    I think you'll learn enough stuff from exploring the zone and talking to NPCs.

    Most of the stuff (maybe not all, but most) came down to being filler for the zone. What was 30+ minutes can now be sprinted through in 10-15.

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    Well there is a Rare that only shows up in the Defiant starting area- the Raging Machine or something like that. I killed him while leveling a tourist alt yesterday and was a little pissed he's nowhere else in the game.

    As for lore, yeah, not a lot. It was just a whole lot more fighting that they truncated into a few pertinent encounters. The books that were there you can get in Meridian/Sanctum.
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    The lore pieces missing revolve around the races. There were quests, at least on the Defiant side, since I didn't do Guardian side before the fixes, that gave you insight into each race. Once you reached Lastlight, each of the racial leaders had a unique quest for the player who matched their race that gave some little detail about their origins or beliefs that I found interesting. If anyone else wants to know, I was a quest nerd and wrote it all down lol! Also, there was a lot of conversation that the racial leaders had when you clicked on them. There was a dialogue box and you could ask them lore questions about their race, but that is gone as well.

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