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Thread: About Ashora Questline

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    Default About Ashora Questline

    Hello all
    I was rising my PA experience, in ashora,
    and i finish the quest series when the ogres shows the fate of salvarola after his exile,
    and i finish the ques series of the biofoundry, with the last quest "riches of the biofoundry"
    But im still looking any nexus quest between ashora and the dendrome

    I check this link but i believe is outdated


    Also i have to point out that the lore of SL zones is shorter than vanilla version, i think that this must be address before 3.0 come out

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    Quote Originally Posted by netsky666 View Post
    im still looking any nexus quest between ashora and the dendrome
    There is none, the closest you will get to a 'linking' both zones quest is a quest at K'Roms' Fortress which has the NPC sending you onto Solstice Tower in the Dendrome to meet with General Batua. That starts off the Dendrome chains.

    You can just go to Solstice Tower without this breadcrumb quest and start the chain anyhow so it's not even important to get sent there

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