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Thread: Peace between the Aelfwar and Guardians?

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    Default Peace between the Aelfwar and Guardians?

    I have a level 39 Defiant, and a level 21 Guardian, and I have been trying to follow whats happening in relation to the Guardians and Aelfwar. It seems that the Aelfwar want to make peace with the guardians, but seem to think that an alliance with one of the dragons would be the surest way of defeating Regulos and his hordes. However the guardians disagree with that, and just want the dragons wiped out altogether, but are unsure of how much power that would pass to the defiants.

    It seems to me that the Guardians realise they will not succeed on their own, and need to make new alliances with the Defiants, or an uneasy truce with the Aelfwar.

    Recent developments seem to indicate an upcoming truce, as in Scarwood, there are guardian footholds guarded by Aelfwar.

    I was thinking a possible direction for Rift might be a 3rd faction - An Aelfwar-run land where the guardians have seceded areas to the Aelfwar, and have allowed them to set up some new towns and a city. What other races could be included in this faction, I am not sure of yet. Either that, or the Aelfwar become a playable race of the Guardian faction, with maybe the Defiants gaining a new race as well.
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    The Aelfwar know exactly what's going to happen when Greenscale gets released: he's going to eat half of the planet and turn the other half into a primeval jungle of man-eating everythings. Maybe Regulos would be defeated in the process, but the end would NOT justify those means. The Aelfwar themselves stupidly think that they would be able to survive in Greenscale's world, which I doubt would actually be the case.

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    The Aelfwar plan to replace the Fae as favored servants of Greenscale and custodians of the Plane of Life. By Stilmoor, they are hardly even elven, having become more akin to other elemental life creatures. Shyla does try and make peace, but the end result is a slaughter of untold amounts with only a handful of redeemed Aelfwar to show for it. In any event, the organized resistance of the Aelfwar largely faded with Greenscale's demise. If any remains, it will likely align itself with the Equinox Court. Rest in peace, the once great elven house formally known as Aelfwar.

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    Just want to point out that the Aelfwar aren't a race-- they're high elves who chose to split away from the rest rather than join the Guardians. As such, they can't become a "playable race"-- we can already play High Elves.

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    Default So How the lores goes about the dragons and other stuff

    I read this thread, because Silverwood was my first zone ever on Rift, and i did encounter with the Aelfwar, but sadly, because i level too fast, and when i did hit lvl 25 i did start to lvl in warfronts i did not follow the history quest of mathosia
    How the dragons status goes? because in Rifthead there a very small, even microscopical info about the lore.
    What is the lore until lvl 50 (before go to SL zones)?
    The continents of Brevane and Dusken were one?
    How Salvarola and the dendrome related?
    How crucia and The Architects related?

    I have so many question about the lore, is the main thing that makes me stick to a game (great lore of warcraft and its mmo, and starcraft, and halo) so i need some source of more info about Telaras lore

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