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Thread: Couple of lore questions!

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    Default Couple of lore questions!

    Hey guys! Pretty new to Rift but got myself a level 46 dude so I've experienced a little of rift but I have alot of questions that need answers too!

    1. What is the difference between a normal humanoids and an ascended? Apart from the whole being brought back to life thing.
    2. What is the procedure to being an ascended? From the cinematic you get taken to place and then the game starts and you're awake.
    3. How do the ascended have the ability to use Planar Magic? Well how does everyone in general really? I know the cults are were given magic by who they worship?
    4. For example are Fire planar creatures allowed to invade the Air plane?
    5.Are humanoids allowed in the planes? As in some rifts they are spawned as invasions.
    6. Creatures like Centuars for example, are they native to the planes and brought to Telara or native to Telara and began to worship Maelforge and went to the planes?

    Thank you if any of these questions are answered!

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    -Mortals live (for decades or centuries), then die. Their mortal body decomposes, while their soul (often invisibly) drifts toward the Soulstream, which wraps around Telara and eventually leads to the Plane of Death, where they reside. At least so far, we've seen only evil or corrupted looking locations in or relating to the Plane of Death, but it's my hope that some paradises exist . Souls come not just from Telara, but possibly the dead of this plane and all others! This makes the Plane of Death not exactly the most powerful in itself, but at least the most important to how the cosmos work.

    -Ascended are sourcestone constructs. "Everything is sourcestone", and we don't fully know the origin of it, but sourcestone is the creative element of anything..useful?
    We're brought back to life, but also technically immortal.
    So far we can only be really 'defeated' though certain magitech, Regulos extracting and eating our (host) souls, and dying over and over (damaging our soul) until we probably wander the world as a corrupted being.

    -Because we don't have a more fragile mortal frame, we can also house 3 other souls at a time, which we 'attune' to through the Soulstream. These are souls of the most powerful known heroes on the starting continent, but Storm Legion shows that as the Ascended learn of more heroes (I guess behind the scenes, ha), we learn of other powerful people to attune to. While we might have even been nearly a nobody in mortal life, through Ascendency and Soul/Planar Attunement, we transform to the rank of hero, and eventually demi-god, and possibly god.

    -Guardians are crafted by the Vigil, from sourcestone they have access to in some way. The procedure is currently vague, but yeah, we're sourcestone given form and a soul, not exactly full flesh and bone.
    They avoid making Eth/Bahmi/Kelari due to very bad blood.

    -Defiants are crafted by magitech mortal Defiant scientists in an 'older' timeline (where they didn't have Ascended on their side to help their survival). Sylver Vallis works off of Orphiel's work, and finally perfects basic Ascension just in time to create you (and others, depending on if other players are around in Terminus) to fight through enemy lines and send a message to the past. Same deal - the Defiants collected as much sourcestone as their could, and used their tech to form you into a human/bahmi/kelari, with a host soul and the ability to attune to heroic souls.
    Like with the Vigil, the Defiant avoid making Mathosians/Elves/Dwarves due to very bad blood.
    Defiant story has a few more details on how they make Ascended. It involves I think infusing sourcestone with material (genetic?) from deceased persons. Basically they found your skeleton and worked off of that.

    -Because Planar Magic = Magic. The Planes represent different aspects of magic, and our 'Nexus Plane' represents a meeting point of these aspects. All together, the Planes create Light/Sourcestone/Harmony, meaning that the Planes are NOT evil in themselves.

    -The cults siphon off corrupted magic or basic magic from the Planes or corrupted planar dragons. The corruption is something we barely have hints of so far, but I'd guess that in 3.0 we start finding out why and how it even occurred. Corruption does not = the Planes, that much is clear.
    Consider it like the Force in Star Wars almost. As Ascended, we're really playing with the Light Side of the force. Even Warlocks, Reavers, and Necromancers etc are using Death magic in a way that tempts the 'Dark Side', but still leaves them safe if they use it properly.
    Cults, however, use the Dark Side. The delve into Planar powers in such an isolated way that they fall into darkness.
    As Ascended, we ultimately embody a harmony between the Planes. Harmony = Light. Light = Godly power. Dischord = Dark. Dark = Evil Godly power.
    This may be a power between the Planes, but it's really a battle between Light and Dark. Ascended are agents of the Light (in different ways - Guardians are more Order and Defiants are more Chaos), and have just as much access to the Planes as the cults do.

    I'm sure I didn't express that in the best way, so if you have any specific questions, go ahead.

    -Cults were given magic the normal way (rituals to break through the barriers to the Planes/the Ward, accessing the invisible tendrils/ley lines of planar power that infuse everything of all creation), but the sometimes get their specific uber power by either being granted power by their dragons, or siphoning it off from the dragons and/or their progeny. If Ascended tend to get power from being made of sourcestone and tapping into the Soulstream soul's talents with the planes, the cult leaders tend to get power from just intense and untamed planar power without restraint or temperance.

    -I BELIEVE so, but we'll see in 3.0 how that works. It's in the Plane of Water, and it'd be strange if we ONLY see Water stuff there, right? I mean, will there even be Water Rifts in the Plane of Water?
    They have mentioned something along the lines of '3-D Rifts' and we'll have to see what that actually means.

    -It's not commented on in the lore, but I'd say so. We see many human or human-ish beings arrive through rifts and invasions and Trion ought to explain that.

    -Personally, I think that mortals/cultists DO travel to the Planes through rifts and rituals, but the journey is very dangerous and unstable, and they require a lot of power to open, and they possibly corrupt beings heading through. (AKA an Abyssal cultist entering a Water Rift into the Plane of Water has pretty much forsaken any remaining sanity, embracing the corrupted side of Water entirely by that point)

    -As such, the Ascended need a much more stable and pure way of sending armies through. In Storm Legion, that may be the Infinity Gate. They wouldn't have to worry about maintaining multiple rifts and being the 'dynamic invaders' on the Planes, and they'll not be corrupted by the Planes, and they'll be able to send whoever they want through. Now that the Dragons are (nearly) defeated, as long as we can hold the Gate, Telara is kinda-probably safe.

    -Most of these creatures are native to the Planes, yeah. They are pretty much stranded on Telara over time, after the Ward was set up, so they either lash out at mortals, or they make efforts to integrate. Their ancestors, for sure, worked for the Dragons at least. Only the Bahmi's ancestors (Shalastari) are known to have joined in resistance against Dragon rule.

    It's up to the Dragon on how they rule their subjects, however.

    -Greenscale had simple survival of the fittest, and no one was able to stop him, so he was the fittest. The fae, a major Life group, operated in many Courts that all worshipped Greenscale in response. But the fae aren't so evil, just dominated and driven into wild frenzy by the dragon.
    -Regulos enslaved souls to his will, making them do everything he would want of them. They aren't 100% 'mind controlled' though, so over time, some factions like the Shapers in Storm Legion content kinda wanted to do their own thing instead.
    -Crucia though, enslaved as many people to her mind as possible. Once controlled by Crucia, it is rare that you'll get any autonomy. It's not known how the Shalastari resisted and left her.
    -Maelforge has the most typical army. Everyone is warlike so he runs his own Sparta with them worshiping him as their god of war. His power only drives his people into their own form of frenzy as they want to kill kill kill. Without Maelforge around, some of his former followers try to do their own thing, but all they need is a spark...
    -Laethys has a cult she has grow increasingly obsessed with either wealth or obtaining material goods, all eventually to serve her as their queen. Her followers on Mathosia were obsessed with bringing her back too, but others on Brevane left worship of her and went for their 'Cosmic Rhinoceros' dealio.
    -Akylios just drives beings mad, and that makes them think he's some ultimate trove of knowledge of power that they MUST serve. Without his influence, beings are usually benign over time. One example is the 'Deeps' Deep One NPC, that was actually quite friendly.

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