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Thread: Abyssal at Silverwood College?

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    Default Abyssal at Silverwood College?

    I'm not sure if this qualifies for a lore question or not. What are these statues and why are they in Silverwood?

    I've seen them in Meridian also. Knowing that Meridian was once an Abyssal stronghold, I figured they were simply remnants of Abyssal architecture. Faceless Man resembles them, too. To find them in Silverwood, however, seemed out of place (or maybe I just didn't know what they were.) I'm hoping I uploaded that photo correctly. If not, I'm referring to the two statues just as you enter Silverwood College.

    Abyssal at Silverwood College?-2013-06-27_08-58-58.jpg

    These statues may be just "generalized" architecture of Telara and hold no significance, but it seemed wierd to find them in Silverwood after thinking they were representative of one of the dragon cults.

    Related to that point, I've noticed architectural similarities throughout many zones. One example: Overwatch Keep, Iron Fortress, Shadefallen Keep, and the Endless Citadell all have similar structures. Sure, it could just be the dev team's laziness whereby it was simply a "click and insert structure X", but I'm hoping it was to show that the world actually was interconnected somehow and each zone was not isolated by a mountain range. If the later, then kudos to them for thinking along those lines.

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    Some of it is just the fact of reused assets, but aside from that..

    I believe that the Dragon Cults basically warp and twist what currently exists. The Storm Legion's garb on Mathosia, for example, is just their own version of how they follow their Queen, but her real army is across the sea.

    Like that, I can see the Abyssal as gradually growing until they take their chance to take over Meridian. Previously, perhaps, many academics used garb and even masks like the Abyssal now do. The Abyssal 'twist' is that they sometimes cut off their own faces in the process (or at least to become an actual Tidelord).

    I think Quicksilver and Meridian likely had academic links (except one is the community college while the other is the local university ). As such, they probably wore some similar things (like we have the ceremonial graduation uniforms and hats).

    This is all implicit though, and the quests and lore books themselves don't really explain anything. I just don't think it's a stretch to consider Port Scion, Quicksilver College, Argent Glade, Meridian, Smith's Haven, and Overwatch Keep as all just locations of what would be a more unified region of Mathosia (just one part as more Elven, one more Mathosian, and one more Freemarchian, all under some influence of the Mathosian Empire's capitol of Caer Mathos).


    There's a few 'historical layers' of architecture on Mathosia itself:

    1)Lycini (Ancient Humans)
    2)Elven + Dwarven
    3)Eth + Kelari
    4)Mathosian Empire
    5)Defiant + Guaridan
    (Bahmi don't really have much architecture, only small villages that have been trampled by now, like most of the more recent Eth nomadic tribes)

    The continent was pretty much all (High) Elven on the ground and Dwarven underground. We can assume that most land-based stuff on Mathosia is originally influenced by how the Elves laid the original bricks and how the Lycini had their high-tech long ago on Brevane and Dusken.

    The Eth then embraced magitech (derived from empyrean tech of the Lycini, but the connection lost over time) and a more luxurious life in the desert, and their architecture reflects that. The Kelari broke off from the other Elves and their jungle society became more colorful and also luxurious. Defiant races like their luxuries while Guardian ones like their purity (even the Dwarves' architecture is focused more on utility, except for the most high-class parts of Hammerknell)
    The Eth claimed a lot of formerly Elven lands, and took over the previously inhospitable southern lands. Their spread influences lands like Freemarch and Stonefield etc, even as zones like Freemarch have several layers to their history.

    After the Eth fell, the Mathosians (whose architecture can be thought to be started off from Elven-fort stuff) began to take over most of the continent. They reclaimed Elven forts, started their own towns and forts, and made deals to incorporate the Elves and Dwarves and humans of Freemarch into their tent. Only the Ethian southern survivor tribes and Kelari isles and Bahmi tribes refused.

    So to answer each of your examples:
    -Overwatch Keep is entirely Elven. There's a chance that it was built by Mathosians in co-operation with the Elves, but it seems to still have started off, even in a smaller form, as built by the Elves. The Elves don't often even have settlements (let alone forts), but it isn't utterly alien to their history.
    -Shadefallen Keep seems to be the same, but instead has been Mathosian for quite some time. I think it fell during the Mathosian Civil War though, and Alsbeth recently sweeps over it and brings back the dead husks to fight for her and take over Gloamwood.
    -Iron Fortress might mark the end of Elven original territory to begin with, but more importantly it would mark the border of Mathosian influence. Elves tend to favor towers (like the Guardian hub in Scarwood), but Mathosians build fortresses from that. However, the Freemarchers fought against this, and later their Jakub tyrant, until eventually they were seen as a more independent state associated with the Mathosians.
    -Endless Citadel is both distinctly Mathosian, and Elven derived. Anything with towers = Elven, originally . (NOTE: ALL OF THIS IS OPINION AND PERCEPTION)

    To clarify for how far territory (and thus architecture directly) spread*:
    Freemarch - Elven, Ethian, Mathosian
    Stonefield - Elven, Ethian, Mathosian
    Droughtlands - Ethian
    Shimmersand - Ethian
    Scarlet Gorge - Elven, Mathosian, Ethian
    Scarwood Reach - Elven, Dwarven, Ethian, Mathosian
    Silverwood - Elven, Dwarven, Mathosian
    Moonshade Highlands - Elven, Dwarven, Mathosian
    Iron Pine Peak - Elven, Dwarven, Mathosian
    Stillmoor - Elven, Dwarven, Mathosian
    Ember Isle - Elven, Kelari
    *bolded are the strongest current influence

    If it wasn't for Elven and kinda Dwarven influence, lore-wise, Mathosian (Empire) architecture would have looked a lot more like Brevane and Dusken.


    With the Mathosian Civil War and Shade of Regulos, most of Mathosia was shattered, with communities and tradelines separated and the rifts increasing significantly in frequency. The capitol moved to Port Scion, protected by magitech wards.

    After Sanctum was constructed by Borrin and Meridian taken over by the Defiants, they began to spread their own more 'holy' or 'techno' architecture - at least the very very beginnings of it. Guardian architecture is a mostly Mathosian + Holy look, with some Elven naturalism and Dwarven concreteness. Defiant architecture is mostly Ethian + a more 'solid' magitech look. The Kelari and Bahmi are having an internal discussion on whether to embrace this new Defiant feel, or reclaim their older heritage. They seem to be going for the latter, except for when retaking Ember Isle.

    I've been doing a lot of long lore posts lately because I'm bored :P

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    Didn't I read somewhere that Quicksilver was built to study planar focus (and some didn't like it because they thought the vigil would be angry).... so maybe the statues are there to show the planar influence.

    Though, the statues do look like they are romanticizing the planar cults. *shrugs*

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    While it is a reused asset it is one that makes sense for the area. The garb the statues are wearing is actually the sort of clothing someone who is professorial would wear. While not universal the abyssal cult was by and large the most scholarly dragon cult attracting many seeking knowledge including the likes of scholar, professors, and those who practice powerful magic. So the distinct look of the abyssal cultists are actually the look of these very learned people. This is why statues of learning at a college would seem to be abyssal in nature, because that was or is the look people who achieve high scholarly praise use.
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    I like the scholarly explanation. They could also be genuine Abyssal trophies of war - a bit like the Romans conquering a place, taking a liking to the statues so dismantling them, lugging them back to Rome and re-erecting them haha! Even if they were in the possession of the Abyssal, they might pre-date the scholars falling under the Abyssal sway.
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    I think you all got it right:

    -Quicksilver is and was a controversial place because the races didn't like to focus on the Planes, but instead just their harmonious current existence on Telara.
    *Mathosians had Vigil worship and were superstitious
    *Elves had Vigil worship and preferred to live off the land and some light Life magic, not scholarly pursuit
    *Dwarves had Vigil worship and did not embrace magic except in later advancements like runebinding
    (*Eth were a rare visit
    *Bahmi only had a small community in the north
    *Kelari left to their Isles)

    -I don't think the statues are to romanticize the cults, but instead harken back to when Abyssal garb were simply were garb of scholars, academics, and magi. Quicksilver and Argent Glade itself is really at this point symbolic of the Telara (or at least Mathosian continent) that the Guardian races want to return to - a Telara that has most of the various races engaging with each other in relative peace and harmony. Where 'Abyssal uniform' was more the uniform of a Thontic follower. Where the green land was where an elf would feel at home, not driven crazy. Etc.

    I think Quicksilver still stands because it is known to produce some of the greatest heroes of Telara. It's a message, even to the Guardians, that study of the Planes is not innately wrong, and that there are always mysteries to uncover. The College may not have troves of information (Meridian seems to carry more of those, and serves as a warning that knowledge itself does not protect you from corruption), but it sends aspirants on the beginning of their greater journeys and tries to create harmony between the planes, just like it exists in mediation between the Mathosian Empire, the local Elven territory, Dwarven visitors, and even the rare Ethian student.

    If it wasn't for Quicksilver, there would be a lot less Guardian-race Mages running about. You could even play a Guardian Ascended that was originally trained at Quicksilver and has returned to some deja vu to the whole experience there while leveling.

    I actually like this 'layered history' of the world. It's easy to ignore for most players, sure, but almost everything you see in Rift has SOME sort of history/lore explanation behind it. Even if it's just Rift's designers putting reused assets somewhere, there's usually a way you can explain it.

    In this case, it's simply a sign of the world having fallen so very far that seeing a statue like this makes us think of the Abyssal, not the old mages that possibly helped defeat the old Abyssal and seal Akylios in the first place

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    Interesting posts - all of them. I learn a lot from thumbing through the lore pages. Thank you all.

    Intriguing concept, too, of the statues being dressed in the garb/uniforms of scholarly people in years past, and that they are representative of that period. Perhaps those helms are a symbolic statement that they have reached a place in their studies whereby they are so attuned to the world that they don't need to see it???? I'm grasping at straws on that assumption. Nonetheless, it was the helms that actually sparked my curiosity since those seem (now) iconic of Abyssal and Tidelords (Brenin in Moonshade & Faceless Man come to mind). Then again, as I am not as educated in the lore as everyone else, I may have been mistaken in my assumption in the first place.
    Maybe they're planar helms....or maybe they're made of tin foil to prevent mind reading/controlling by aliens. LOL

    Good posts. Thanks again everyone.

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