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Thread: Minor question about Scarwood

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    Default Minor question about Scarwood

    I've been digging around but I haven't been able to find a good answer to this. I don't know if one has been given, or was given in game and I've just forgotten, but what I was wondering was, simply, what was the Scarwood called before the Mathosians came in and wrecked the place? It wouldn't make much sense to call it the Scarwood if it wasn't scarred...
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    And the trees were much taller!!, not just stumps.

    Basically it was a friggin awesome and thick forest.

    Most of north Mathosia continent was, but:
    -Stillmoor is more swampy-ish
    -Iron Pine Peak got magically iced (it wasn't so cold long ago)
    -Moonshade Highlands is a... highland
    -Gloamwood is probably kinda cursed with Death, keeping it from being as healthy as it could be
    -Silverwood is intact though, aside from goblin fires
    -I think gnar might keep Scarlet Gorge so dry

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