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Thread: Has anything changed yet in the lore about factions and the roleplaying choices?

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    Default Has anything changed yet in the lore about factions and the roleplaying choices?

    I bought the game upon release, but I haven't played for about 9 months. I disagreed with the roleplaying choices, and the lore frustrated me, which I explained in the following thread. At the time, I went back to play some very old MMORPG which I was more comfortable with. Has anything changed in the lore now and should I start playing RIFT again? Is there a reasonable roleplaying angle where I can play against both factions and be successful with a great gaming experience?
    (I wanted to pop the thread back up, but it was closed, for an absolutely completely unknown reason)

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    Threads get automatically locked when they have not had a reply for 30 days. It's nothing to do with moderator action, but simply a measure to prevent needless necro'ing of old threads. You can always petition a moderator to open an old thread of course, if you've got something on-topic to add.

    Anyhow, as for the lore:

    A lot of things have changed since launch, most notably is the fact that there now is a truce between the two factions. Ever since the dawn of Rift, you've been able to (role)play as a neutral person standing between the factions - however this was a dangerous position to be in due to the extreme views of that anyone who is neutral should be eradicated, among both Guardians and Defiants.
    Now a days you can be more "openly" neutral, though your character would still be running a risk, as the zealous cores of each faction have not been convinced and still remains in a state of conflict. So a zealous character would potentially still try to kill you should they find out, but it is commonly known that a lot of ascended stand above the conflict and there are several occasions of guardians and defiants working together against the dragons, in questlines and so on.

    I would say making an opposition to the factions are possible, but the degree of it is up to how much you dare. An open and blunt opposition would eventually be met with attempts to beat it down, as well as you'd be in a vulnerable position should the faction war escalate when the dragons have been killed.

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