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Thread: The New Chronicle and Crucia's superweapon

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    Default The New Chronicle and Crucia's superweapon

    Hey. Right off the bat I should inform you guys that I just enjoy reading a good story and I've been treating Rift's lore as such. I mean I don't go ERPing in vacant houses or something.

    So what I don't get is how Crucia suddenly has a weapon that can obliterate all the Ascended permanently in the Chronicle. When was this weapon even developed, or hell, what is it? The only time as far as I know permanent death for an Ascended mentioned was in the last quest of Fire saga, and I thought it was a fine touch. But introducing such a massive plot element and such obscurely and hamfistedly, I might add, is just lame on a scale of Star Wars prequels to be honest. I mean no one really cares I guess what really happens in Rift lore as long as Trion keeps dishing raids out, but I don't know...if there's one guy left who cares about stories just has to agree.

    It's just so many questions right now. A few off my head, barring the obvious, why hasn't Crucia used this weapon in Frozen Tempest instead? If it was all "just as planned", is she making another one right now? Hell, if she can make such a weapon in the first place, why bother with Infinity Gate or such? Instead just focus the whole Storm Legion into mass producing it, wipe all the Ascended off Telara, then you can just march on without pretty much no opposition and do w/e you want anyway. See where I am going with this? It all just doesn't make sense!

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    Crucia's story isn't over. I can guarantee you that everything we have done (except possibly surviving her weapon, but even that wouldn't surprise me) is all according to her plan. She wanted us to kill her in Frozen Tempest. She was most likely testing the weapon. We will hear more about it I'm sure.

    The reason she didn't wipe all Ascended off Telara is because she needed us. She needed Regulos dead. The chronicle should be placed on the timeline at the same time as FT being cleaned out; which should also be before Regulos was discovered. So at the time of the chronicle we didn't know where Regulos was yet. Now that he is dead (maybe, not sure how the raid ends, but in lore as soon as a raid is released it's considered cleared) she will move on, and either in the next patch or the one after that we'll see her next move.
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    I think what we're seeing here is a classic ploy seen in everything from playground games to international warfare. Often the best strategy is to sit back, feign weakness, and let your various enemies expend their resources destroying each other. Then you simply sweep past the depleted survivors and nab all the rewards for yourself.

    After all, Crucia never made much of an appearance in Chocolate Rift, and we've been fixating on how Regulos is the strongest and most evil of the Gods of the Blood Storm. Like you said, it seems like us defeating her in Frozen Tempest was part of her plan.

    And now when Regulos is defeated, Crucia can reveal the incredible power she's held in reserve, seize control of Telara and wipe out the Ascended since any of the other dragons who could hope to match her in power - Greenscale, Akylios, Maelforge, Laethys - have been conveniently eliminated.
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    Her ultimate goal is clearly to open the infinite gate, as dictated by the trailer for the expansion.

    And since we're just finishing up tier 1 of raids, there are going to be at least one more, probably two.

    And from the chronicle, we know she's not dead, as well as also implying that these "gods" can't die. They just have their bodies shattered and their souls wonder back to their respective planes.
    Makes me think that they themselves are just ascended from their planes who got a bit power hungry and decided to ascend bodies that are more grand than a simple human body. lol

    Which might actually explain a lot actually. They don't die, like us, but when they do, their soul is weakened, and I guess there's no soul healers in the planes. lol
    Maybe that's why Crucia's weapon can destroy them, cause she's the same thing. :P What a twist!

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    Its stated in one of the early quests that since the God Engines draw on divine power they are capable of de-ascending the ascended and leaving them open to a final death. I havent done the Chronicle yet but it doesnt suprise me that shes found a way to do it.

    After all Ascended can die, its just very difficult. Look at Alsbeth.

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    Here's part of the roleplay/background conversation that occurs throughout Tempest Bay:
    Note: SPOILER ALERT!!!!

    When you start on the trash before Artifex Zaviel:
    Queen Miela: General, I'm returning to Tempest Bay immediately!

    General Batua: Not quite yet, unfortunately, They've cut off the porticulum. An electrical shockwave tore through the city core and obliterated the Ascended! It looks like Crucia finally figured out a way to put immortals down for good. Our defenses have been knocked out and we've got Storm Legion dropping throughout the city. This isnt a fight, this is a slaughter.

    Queen Miela: Just get the porticulum up!

    General Batua: Good news is at least one Ascended survived. That's one furious bastard, clearing us a path right to the Plaza.

    Artifex Zaviel: Behold my masterwork! Compared to the Tempest Engine, all other god engines are mere trinkets. Bow to my genius!

    Queen Miela: At least I'll have the satisfaction of watching that traitor Zaviel die. Her Tempest Engine is an abomination. The Artifex probably had her hand in the design of the weapon that hit Tempest Bay. Avenge your brothers and sisters, Ascended.
    When you kill the twins and start going into the corridor leading up to Crucia:
    General Batua: Well done Ascended! More bad news, though. We got another bomb on our hands. Our lone Ascended is leading a charge to the Transit Ruins to defuse it.
    Whatever happens here, just kill that stinking wyrm!

    Crucia: Ascended... you would serve me well! Your friends are dead, your city will soon be rubble. Why not join the winning side? I will show you a universe begging for domination!
    When you enter the platform where Crucia's encounter is (after the trash before Crucia):
    Crucia: My patience wanes, Ascended. You are a trifling delay to Telara's glorious future. I would have you be a part of it, loyal to your new Queen, but your arrogance demands reprisal.

    General Batua: Good luck Ascended! We're still trying to defuse the situation in Tempest Bay. No one here knows how the hell this bomb works!

    Queen Miela: General, I'm closing on your position. I will not lose my city! Ascended, rid this world of that tyrant!

    Crucia: The Infinity Gate shall open. My Legion prepared well, and though the Tempest Engine suffers in your wake, you are too late! We have the power required... more than you can ever imagine.
    When Crucia dies:
    Crucia: You think you have won!? Though this body breathes its last breath, my fury shall endure!

    General Batua: Amazing! The Storm Queen is dead! Clear skies across Telara... that's a damn fine sight!

    Queen Miela: We're not safe yet. I need to concentrate. Yes.... This device is very familiar to me. I know I've seen it somewhere before.

    Queen Miela: Yes, this circuit right here...AAAAAAAHHHHHH!!!!!

    General Batua: Miela! NO!

    General Batua: What... where did she go?
    And of course in the Chronicle, it follows with Crucia:
    Crucia: Wretched Ascended. They may have broken my body in the Frozen Tempest, but Queen Miela will serve as a suitable host for the time being.

    So pretty much it seems like Crucia received the help of Artifex Zaviel, a traitor in order to create something that could kill the Ascended permanently. Tempest Bay was probably a test run because I doubt that all Ascended except for those in Frozen Tempest would have all been at Tempest Bay at the same time.

    Artifex Zaviel is part of the Kingdom of Pelladane questline. At the start of Pelladane you'll do a quest where you stop Crucia via the Sun Orb/God Engine (or something like that). Artifex Zaviel probably tried imitating this. I seem to recall one of the last quests in the questline was about destroying Artifex Zaviel's engine or stealing something important to the God Engine. She probably created another imitation, capable of destroying Ascended.

    - Remember, Ascended aren't some holy being. The Defiants were able to create Ascended via machines, so it is likely something else in play. A 'God Engine' that can reverse this process doesn't seem so farfetched.

    As for why Crucia didn't kill the Ascended in Frozen Tempest - It is likely through the roleplay above that she wanted to keep the most powerful Ascended to turn into her puppets. After all, she is not Regulos - she doesn't want everyone to die, she wants everyone to be servants to her. Killing people is something she would only do if you disobey her, or she doesn't think you can be enslaved.

    She probably also wanted people strong enough to defeat Regulos, and being able to defeat her greatest minions would have done that. She probably wants strong servants, so defeating her strongest servants would provide her with even stronger servants if she could control us.

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