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Thread: The Ward?

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    Default The Ward?

    So far, we (the ascended) have been working hard to ensure the Ward is kept up/safe to keep Regulos out. From what I understand, this is also the reason why the Vigil cannot interfere much in the world.

    However, with Storm Legion out, I'm seriously confused about this part of lore.

    1) Crucia's escape somehow has destroyed/lifted the Ward.
    Why? It was my understanding that the Ward was something magical, and that it kept the dragons from calling in more of their following from their planes. But why does Crucia's escape automatically remove the Ward?
    Of course, a freed dragon can work to break the Ward, but I don't get the automatic failing of it.

    2) The new continents are refered to as "lands beyond the Ward". So...if these lands are/were not under the Ward, wouldn't this mean that Regulos could've entered the world there already? (ok he did in Dusken, but is he still around?)

    3) Is this the event that the Vigil told us about in our vision (guardian side)? "The brood stirs, the Ward falls.."?

    4) And of course: can the Vigl now do more in the world? Assuming it was the Ward that kept them out too?
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    1. Alsbeth the Betrayer managed to weaken the ward, which brought on the coming of the Rifts and the cults. The cults have amassed power for a long time now, to free their respective masters from their prisons.
    I wouldn't be entirely sure on the ward has fallen, but it might be weak enough. However, if it has..

    2. One of the reasons why we have forgotten about Brevane and Dusken may be that the ward was hiding them away. Our ancestors fled, and as far as I remember it was only after the first bloodstorm that the ward was created. It may be that the vigil helped people in their escape, and then made the ward around Mathosia with the fleeing survivors.
    The weakening of the ward may have made it possible for the Queen to get through, subsequently the ward may have fallen entirely with Crucia's escape. She would now be the only thing preventing Regulos from eating us all.

    3. The vigil foretells a future -without- any ascended guardians, to give a reason as to why this one ascended that they show all this should give a bother about what they expect of him/her. So no, I don't think it's that exact prediction, but who is to say that the future with the ascended wont cause something even more horrific.

    4. There are many theories about the Vigil, and what they are exactly. I have a few of my own, but I do not want to write them down because they rely 98% on speculations and interpretations and could very well be wrong.

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    1) The Ward was only really at full strength after the Blood Storm War.
    Then the Shade of Regulos 20 years ago weakened it significantly, forcing surviving Mathosians/denizens of Mathosian continent to collect more in towns as the rifts continued.
    Then Alsbeth's actions on Port Scion severely weakened it, resulting in the chaos we see in the launch version of the game.
    It was all a progressive thing.
    However, it is a possibility that only Mathosian continent was really protected by the Ward. The Lycini and their ancestors on Brevane and Dusken had to fight tooth and nail all the time against the Planes, but were pushed back after incident after incident.
    I don't really know about Crucia's actions though. I've only done all the quests in Kingdom of Pelladane, Cape Jule, City Core, and Eastern Holdings so far.

    2)Well we don't see any wardstones! And wardstones are what is known to keep up the Ward and maintain it, along with other magical items across the Mathosian continent.

    So I think its reasonable to assume that Brevane and Dusken are up for the taking for the Dragons, except 4/6 of them were imprisoned (Charmer's Carcera for Laethys, Ember Isle for Maelforge, Stillmoor for Greenscale, under Hammerknell's wards for Akylios), 1/6 was thought to be imprisoned (Iron Pine Peak for Crucia), and the last one, Regulos, was delivered a crippling blow to his body and he was forced to retreat.

    So that left Brevane and Dusken still exposed to the Planes, yet still given a fighting chance as Mathosia was supposed to recover itself and get advanced and large enough to defend Telara (hello Mathosia kingdom!), and the remnants of the now Lycini didn't have to contend with the dragons in their workings to protect the world.

    And they did well enough. They had a civilization, and Water/Earth/Fire/Life kept its distance for the most part! However, Death still held Dusken, and only Pelladane was liberated until more recently. And Life took over much of Brevane in a story I'll leave to the questing , and Air... Air was the interesting one. Crucia let herself be imprisoned because she saw how the war was going, and likely reached out through the lake to her spies in order to learn the weaknesses of Telara. While she was 'resting', her army grew and grew across Brevane and took over a huge chunk of the morals there, while the Life incident weakened the civilization as a whole, and Death still held onto a whole friggin continent.

    So now we have a land that the Ward forgot. It's amazing any mortals survived at all, but then again, there's a good reason why they have better weapons and armor to sell us

    1.0 was defending a still partially intact part of Telara
    2.0 is exploring and purifying a planewarped part of Telara
    I always predict 3.0 will be entering the Planes themselves and at least the start of the root of the whole corruption

    3)Nah I think it's just as the last poster said, that without the Guardians, the Dragons will all awaken and a full new war will begin, one that will topple the entire Ward (ending Mathosian continent and its survivors for sure) and the world. We don't see this prophecy happen, because of the Guardians (just as we don't see Terminus happen in our timeline, due to the Defiants). We got to kill Greenscale in his lair, kill Akylios in his lair, and kill Laethys and Maelforge in Maelforge's lair. Basically its because of the Vigil that we're even able to have our raids

    4)I think they can do more, just as I think they were able to intervene in Stillmoor when the Death rift breached the Ward and imo that was the event that allowed them to even create the Guardian Ascended.
    I also think that the Lycini keep up a faith in the Vigil because they're not restricted by the Ward. I have yet to see any strong presence of the Vigil in their lives though, but that could be just because they trust Tempest Bay to hold strong.

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    [I"]2) The new continents are refered to as "lands beyond the Ward". So...if these lands are/were not under the Ward, wouldn't this mean that Regulos could've entered the world there already? (ok he did in Dusken, but is he still around?)"[/I]

    there is this lore written about Empyrean power being severed by the Ward, so would not these lands have been under the Ward?

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    There is also a quest I ran across yesterday where it's said, or at least strongly hinted, that the Ward wasn't "powered" by the Vigil, but instead the imprisoned dragons were being used as "batteries" to power their own jail....and when Crucia escaped, there was nothing left to power the Ward since we "killed" the other dragons <and I use the quotes because I, personally, don't think we've heard the last of them>. As to what the Vigil is doing now...who knows. For all that matters, they could all be dead and the Messengers are just running a "con game", in that they don't want anyone to know the Vigil is dead because that could make people, Guardians especially, lose all hope.

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    right, the dragons were only avatars of their true forms. I would bet on that we see each one again in their respective planes after SL.
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    Bird is the word

    EDIT: I read that as "the word?" And yes i did post without reading.
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    I do think the "lands beyond the ward" thing is a mistake on the part of the devs. The Ward previously sounded like it was a planetary shield, to say that it was a bubble over just the old continent feels like an awkward retcon; plus, totally a ripoff of the Slayers anime. I'm fine with saying the maintenance of the ward was focused on the Mathosian continent - you don't see wardstones on Ember Island just sourcewells. But if Brevane and Dusken weren't also warded, Empyrean tech would never have been inhibited. But then, the idea that the Infinity Gate is what let the dragons enter in the first place has me raising an eyebrow.

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    The ward falling with its current state of lore is correct.

    The ward itself around mathosia was in part forged by the imprisonment of the dragons. When the shade happened the ward was severely weakened. This is what put us at risk of the dragons again as it also weakened their imprisonment.

    Hylas also knew this and is why he set out to free greenscale from his prison. However, once the seal on his prison was broken, we had no choice but to confront a greenscale himself (keep in mind the dragons are actually weakened from having been in prison so long, we would not have won so easily otherwise).

    Then we fight alsbeth, and regulos mentions after killing her that she is keeping us busy while...he attends to other things (infinity gate anyone?). He also mentions every dragon we kill brings him one step closer to his goal (destroying the ward).

    Conveniently we destroyed laethys who's prison was actually shattered before ID (she snuck out very creatively by melting her avatar down into gold in the instance charmers caldera--you dont see it but thats where she was imprisoned--was scattered and then the golden maw brought to mount carcera.

    She, the wonton army and the golden maw free maelforge. So we didn't break their seals, but we have to kill them as well. Crucia is the last dragon imprisoned....but why?

    Remember in the war of the bloodstorm mathosians defeated regulos's dragon and sent his weakened spirit beyond the ward. The other dragons were then swiftly imprisoned and the ward constructed. You'll find out more about this in endless eclipse as to what happened to regulos.

    Crucia, in "exodus of the storm queen" her imprisonment was the final nail that remained to keep the ward in tact. With her release the ward is literally unraveling at this point. Thus we had to travel to brevane and dusken, lest mathosia will be taken over by the planes similarly to them.
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