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Thread: Lore changes coming ... Morgan steps in

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    Default Lore changes coming ... Morgan steps in

    Here's the link to the original post ... http://forums.riftgame.com/showthrea...an-intro-movie.
    I'm posting this because it's very important that everyone sees it.
    MissDoomCookie ... Linsay Morgan Lockhart ... is the Lore lead for the Defiant storyline.

    "Something that has needed to be cleared up on the main web page for a very long time (but our web team is swamped) is the connection of Orphiel to the Dragonslayer Convenant. Which I think is confusing a lot of people.

    When we revised the storyline at the time that we did the new starter experiences, Orphiel was no longer associated with the Dragonslayer Covenant. He tutored both of the Mathos brothers when they were young in the Court of Mathos (as well as Asha Catari) was then recruited by Aedraxis to build him war machines, and he recruited other Bahmi and Eth to help him when Aedraxis promised to lift the ban on technology. These early "defiants" were not the same as the Defiant organization. That came much later, when Port Scion fell. These people were glibly referred to as "defiants" because they were defying the gods -- a term they later appropriated. At this point, it was not clear that Aedraxis planned to break the Ward, nor that he was in league with Regulos.

    The Dragonslayer Covenant is still the organization that Asha was a part of, and is still the organization that discovered the link between Aedraxis and Regulos. Asha still came to the battlefield to warn Zareph and company, but it was too late.

    Zareph did later allow Orphiel in to help them fight in Port Scion, and allowed him to try to use technology for good. The world was devastated, and all allies in a hard time are needed. Zareph saw technology as a tool. It is the intent behind it that makes it good or evil. And so he gave Orphiel a chance to atone for past crimes. When it was Asha Catari, his dearest friend, who was the first person brought back by Defiant machines, its potential for good seemed apparent. Cyril might say it was a lapse in judgment on Zareph's part, but Defiants see him as a model of Mathosian rationalism. ;) - MISSDOOMCOOKIE

    As long as I'm at it, I know there is some confusion over the timeline. Those who have played the newbie experience on the Guardian side know that it has been 20 years since the Mathosian Civil War and the Ward was broken, and I want to confirm that as the time. Not 80 or 60, or the other numbers that have been floating around. It's also been one year since Port Scion fell and the Defiants and Guardians officially split off from each other.
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