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Thread: Xeno's Theory of Rift (long)

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    Default Xeno's Theory of Rift (long)

    Xeno's Theory of RIFT

    PLEASE NOTE: this is completely my own theory about rift lore and the direction I’d like to see it go based on what I have read in the lore thus far. I do not pose that it agrees with all current lore in the game, every lore hounds opinions nor do I know anything about where I think the lore devs are gonna go with the game. All I do know is the conjectures I have made, have lead me to this scenario. Enjoy!

    Source stone energy:

    Source stone is the condensed form of source energy. It is this energy that can be used to create the planets and thus give life to those living on the planet. This is a very popular fantasy concept (akin to materia and the life stream in FF7 and many other FF concepts) and one that I LOVE.

    Source stone can be used directly to power machines, or life itself (as indicated by defiant technology). My theory is that sourcestone is a coalesced form of life and cosmic energy. This is why we can tap into it for powers, or for tapping the energies of past heroes (soul trees).

    When someone dies, their soul is the very embodiement of sourcestone energy, flowing peacefully in the soulstream...er hem...river of souls... till it aggregates and forms sourcestone once more.

    Source energy in telara is different than classical life energy, as it is comprised via the raw sources of the universe such as fire, air, water, earth, life, and death. Life can be created via just one of these source from a specific type of sourcestone. However telara is unique in that its core is comprised of equal and abundant amounts of each kind of source.

    Another unique tribute to the telaran universe is that source energy doesnt just travel space, but can also transend time, and is why not just the planes of source have effects on telara, but also that of slivers and alternate realities.

    Tapping Source Energy:

    Tapping into sourcestone energy can mean a variety of things. One common way to tap is via the use of magi-tech. The vigil may have not wanted us to use sourcestone as an energy source because we in effect are consuming life energy to power our machines, wasting what could be energy to create new life wasting its full utility. Again anyone with FF7 knowledge knows the dangers of tapping in this kind of energy.

    Another possibility is that source energy can be tapped into directly for life energy, giving someone a theoretically inifinite life span and other effects...and you know what this leads to...

    Concerning Gods:

    The gods are not gods in the way we see them in our world in my opinion, but beings with a large influx of source energy. This renders them immortal...so long as they obtain a constant source of energy. This is also why there are many types of gods in telaran universe (hinted in lore more than just the vigil and dragon gods) as there exists varying types of source energy and combinations thereof.

    Keep in mind, every time ascended die we are instead reborn, our life energy given back to us. Thus I feel the dragons, vigil, and even the ascended are more closely related than we are lead to believe so far. But more on that later…

    Concerning the Dragon Gods and the Ward:

    The dragon gods are Greenscale, Akylios, Laethys, Maelforge, Crucia, and Regulos. They came to our world, originally bent on consuming the source stone from our planet’s core. Our source stone is abondundant with more energy than any other in the known universes because of it existing at the cosmic nexus of all planes of existence.

    However, crucia saw more potential than just its consumption. Being at the nexus, this world could open the doors to an infinite number of other worlds, in all planes of existence; the infinite gate was there, and ready to be used. So much energy and sourcestone would be available, and as long as consciousness existed, so would the infinite realm of choices, infinite realms of existence, and infinite sources of energy, and finally…infinite life. And thus the dragons gods quarreled and fought and were imprisoned…including herself, according to plan. But why did she plan this? It all goes back to where they came from, and how they got here in the first place, and the true faces behind the masks…

    They consume source energy for the life force itself and their powers. Travelling from planet to planet, they drink them dry, gaining more and more power over the elements as they consumed more. But their own source was not enough. They needed more, an infinite spring of energy. It is of no surprise that the “gods” discovered each other as the planes of existence come metaphysically close, opening up doors to universes comprised of death and air, or fire and earth, or life and water, and many other combinations. Over time and much planetary consumption later, the blood storm became what we now know them as today. They became most powerful source consumers, with godlike powers, and nearly infinite life. Their corruption and thirst lead to the corruption of the planes themselves as their powers ruled over everything they consumed or left as conquered.

    But they felt a tug, and one they never had seen before.

    This tug pulled on every plane of existence instead of just one or two. This tug every dragon god felt. This tug was from a realm comprised of all planes of existence, a realm of untold energies to be consumed. Long before that tug teared open by the completion of the infinite gate, they prepared. They were excited by the possibilities…but they were also afraid. They were afraid of what strength may be on the other side, the strength of the vigil, being gods in a realm with influences of all elements more than their own. Thus in preparation, they chose their avatars as protection. They knew how to link their spirits to that of some of the mightiest creatures in their realms they had conquered…the dragons. When they gates finally ripped the fabrics of space and time, the dragons entered telara, fully controlled by the minds of the gods, bent on paving the way for their arrival to consume the planet’s energy.

    …Crucia manipulated everything. She needed the other gods trapped, but not slain-not yet. She needed the vigil to construct the ward to prevent the gods from separating from their dragon forms. She needed the ascended…

    The Ward:

    Through the powers of mind control, the dragons were fought and imprisoned. The vigil were tricked into constructing the ward to prevent the planes from tearing into telara, with the beneficial side effect that those here could not easily return.

    But how could such a ward be created? The vigil were those only with the power to construct such a ward…and they knew the only way to do so…was a great but necessary risk. The gods forbade the use of magitek quickly, in hopes that this travesty would not occur again. When they noticed the dragons fighting, they took advantage and killed regulose’s avatar banishing his spirit back to his realm where he recovers to this day. However, they knew he would return, and they planned to create a great ward to protect our world. The problem is, to create a ward to protect against each plane of existence, it had to be constructed within the planes themselves, and no one else other than the vigil had the abilities to do so. Through the last efforts of the infiniti gate, they crossed over and constructed the ward, thus sealing the dragons upon their imprisonment by the denizens of telara, but sealing themselves on the other side.

    This ward did not come without power though. The same magitek used to maintain the ward, was the same magitek that could power ascension. Knowing this, the tables had turned. The vigil’s only hope was now…us. As a period of peace, they have been protecting us, and responsible for our ascension, though memory of them in our world slowly faids into myth and godhood.

    With the vigil gone, and the infinity gate destroyed to prevent their return, or the dragons for that matter, it was time for crucia to tug at her strings one by one. While she rested safe in her prison, she cut off the continent that the dragons were so conveniently imprisoned from the rest of the world so she could easily manipulate gaining control over the magitek, and the infinite gate. Masterfully, she tugged at minds to encourage ascended to kill the god’s avatars one by one, sending their weakened souls back to their realms. And then she could release her avatar back to the steppes of infinite, take control of the infinite gate and come to telara herself now that the vigil and other gods were gone. She would be god of this world, and with the power of the gate, and the weakened gods of the other planes…she would be god of not just this world, but god of every possible world. So much energy…so much sourcestone….

    But…there was one small problem…

    The Lovers, Regulos and Crucia:

    Regulos and crucia fell in love during their journey across the cosmos, devouring one world after another. They discovered the other gods of other planes, and aided each other in their quest for conquest and infinite power and life. To Regulos, he thought her love true…until upon landing on telara, she turned her back on him, and he knew about her desire to rule over all planes, including his own. Too late to prevent his incoming doom, and the doom of the others, he sent his endless court to seize the key to the infiniti gate, already knowing his fate. This was his last hope, to prevent crucia’s plans from reaching fruition.

    And thus begins our journey ascended. We must prevent crucia from using the infinite gate to master not only our world, but the worlds of the planes of their weakened masters whose dragon avatars were slain. But the dangers do not end there. The threat of the plains will not end until the dragon’s true forms are relinquished. For they pose another threat (incoming expansion #2, entering the planes)

    They know the Vigil are there. They know the vigil are powering the machines that govern the ward...and our ascension. We must use the infinity gate to travel to the planes to save the vigil, to save the ward. But we must move quickly, for if the vigil fail, so too does ascension and our death becomes eternal. It is in these travels we learn more about the vigil, the dragon gods and what caused them to be so corrupt and the true threats on all of existence (expansion #3: us vs whatever caused the great corruption of the planes, the super big bad).

    Oki thats it. Welcome to another day of Xeno totally spacing off during work and the powers of too much coffee.

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