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Thread: Is Hylas dead?

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    Default Is Hylas dead?

    So I've been wondering this for a while now, since in GSB Hylas is supposedly killed by the players, Shyla and Atrophinious (at least according to the Chronicle) but in the Summer Event we were tasked with going to hug him. Am I missing something? I had read that the Aelfwar were all but annihilated when Greenscale was defeated, but never heard anything about Hylas' death. Now that I have, I wonder then why he's in post GSB content still alive. Anyone have an answer to this?

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    Summerfest is an annual event though, and therefore will exist 'in all times'. It doesn't matter.

    The 'story progression' events will follow the timetime more accurately, like they already have (Wanton Maw, Waves of Madness, etc).

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