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Thread: Conscientious objector.

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    Default Conscientious objector.

    Looking for some advice.
    I have a notion of creating a character - most likely Bahmi or Mathosian - who basically refuses to get involved in the Guardian/Defiant conflict, concentrating instead on fighting the threats to Telara.

    My question is simply this...by refusing any quests that require killing defiant/guardian 'enemies' am I blocking my advance through the basic story-line progression of the game ?

    * Not sure if this is the right forum for this - it's basically a RP issue, I guess, although it seems to me that it might fit as a Lore issue.

    ** Do you have any idea how long it took me to spell 'conscientious' right ? Sheesh.

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    There should be very few obstacles to your levelling.

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    I think there are some zones where you won't be finishing off some zone-specific story, but in general I think you can do pretty well without breaking character.
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